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I’m Daphne Selfe, I unexpectedly seem to have gained the title oldest professional fashion model and I’ve been modelling since 1949 when I was picked unexpectedly for a magazine cover when I was 21 years old (I was born in 1928).  Now I’m in my eighties and I am busier than ever and loving life –  campaigns all over the world keep coming!   – less of the ‘old’ please I’m still a teenager inside! 

My desire is to inspire you to embrace all stages of your life and truly believe it just gets better and better.  
  • No more wondering where and how do I get started in modelling 
  • Or who can I turn to and trust 
  • No more feeling invisible 
  • It’s all over and downhill from now on – I say nonsense to that! 

I would like to help get you off to a good start and eliminate those annoying negative thoughts that are so prevalent.  I can provide you with practical steps that are ageless and effective that have served me all my life.

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Having been born in London in 1928 I grew up in an era very different from today.  My parents had been through World War I and then the financial depression of the 1930 when I was a child.  I was a schoolgirl during World War II. These were times when life was hard and feeling good about yourself inside and out was a welcome addition to getting through each day. In times of hardship we had to be resourceful and creative with our clothes and style. Much has changed but these things are still applicable and just as important in our current world and the demands of life today.
Natural beauty is largely what shines out of you, irrespective of your physical attributes and actual circumstances. It is in your eyes, attitude, poise and attention to those around you.  There are rules which I find are mainly untaught that I can teach you.  
  • What is it about you that we can’t take our eyes off?
  • Are more and more people saying that you have that special something?
  • Is feeling you are living a beautiful life becoming a daily treasured and familiar experience?
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Whether you are an inspiring model (of any age) starting out, someone in a new chapter of life – perhaps the children have flown the nest or you are adjusting to a major life change such as divorce and bereavement. Maybe you want a little pick me up and refine your own unique style and be reminded that there is much to look forward to – I can help.

I would love to share my skills, experience, tips and attitudes with you through:-

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In 2014 The Guinness Book of Records awarded Daphne the title:-

Oldest Professional Fashion Model

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