Daphne Selfe the world’s oldest model at the age of 86 lands new campaign and proves that ageing gracefully pays off


As the world’s oldest model according to the Guinness Book of Records Daphne is featured here in the Amazing World Video 2014


Daphne Selfe Amazing World Video

Daphne Selfe Amazing World Video 2014


Daphne Selfe, the oldest model in the world, has become the face of a new fashion campaign and proves that ageing gracefully pays off.

Daphne Selfe – who has graced the pages of Vogue, Harper Bazaar and Vanity Fair – has been named as the frontwoman of a brand new fashion campaign at the age of 86.

Daphne, from Baldock is fronting the autumn ‘Dare to Wear’ fashion campaign run by intu Trafford Centre, Manchester.

Successful model Daphne describes her own style as ‘classy-funky’ and criticises the ultra-thin looks that often grace today’s catwalks.

She admits she isn’t opposed to all the tricks of the fashion industry.

Daphne said:
‘It is a shame that people always have to be so thin for fashion – but I don’t mind airbrushing, at my age I like a little bit of airbrushing.’

From a young age, Daphne’s striking hair, wide eyes and astonishing bone structure set her apart from the other models and launched her career in fashion.

As she says her parents are responsible for her long career:
‘My parents gave me good genes and health, and I have always eaten sensibly.’

‘I was brought up through the war so the phrase “make do and mend” has never done me any harm.’

‘I always try to make the best of everything, to stay positive and to have a healthy lifestyle.’

Daphne Selfe oldest model