Best Before!

Do you worry that your looks are going to fade with time?  Is there a best before date that we need to take seriously? Do we have to feel like this and is this the way we have been conditioned to think and is there another option?

I’m currently in Sydney, Australia doing my latest modelling campaign. Could I have ever imagined life in my eighties would be this way – no, not at all! I must say it is all so thrilling and exciting.

Best Before: Daphne Selfe 1st Photo Shoot - photographer Gilbert Adams 1950

Daphne Selfe 1st Photo Shoot – photographer Gilbert Adams 1950


It is enviable that your looks are going to change as time rushes by.  I am a great believer in having a positive outlook and not worrying about the things we can not change.

Today is to be lived as fully as you can.  However much we might want we can’t go back to yesterday, so we might as well get on with it.   Everyday do something active, eat sensibly, put on a bit of make-up and wear something in your favourite colour and most importantly stand tall.  Say a big YES to opportunities however small as you never know where they may lead.

Eliminate any thoughts of ‘best before date’ as not applicable to you!

Today is the youngest you will ever be –  tomorrow is waiting in the wings

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