True Confidence Iakavos PIBE

True Confidence

True Confidence - Spring 2017 PIBE “Let’s Play It By Ear” True Confidence PIBE is a

Technology at 88

Technology At 88

When I was a girl I could never have imagined the technology we have

My Model Family

My Model Family

My Model Family is growing around the world     The Daphne Selfe Model Family is growing around the

Supporting Local

Supporting Local

The life of a model is one of travel and adventure which I love. It

New Old @rejinapyo

New Old

New Old - I'm An Art Installation! I spent the afternoon as an Art Installation in

Confidence Plan

Confidence Plan

Confidence Plan Thank you so much for your interest in my Confidence Course.  A lack of

Confidence Update with Daphne

Confidence Update

Confidence Update Hello, Claire here Daphne’s daughter, I want to say a big thank you

A Time For Giving

Time For Giving

The Daphne Selfe Foundation Time For Giving   The Daphne Selfe Foundation is something I've wanted to


Confidence Course

Hello, Daphne here! CONFIDENCE COURSE I'm always looking at ways to improve and offer help where

Strong Women Alistair Guy

Strong Women

Strong Women: An exhibition celebrating women's strength by photographer Alistair Guy. Alistair says “Women mentally

Age your age - freaky friday

Act Your Age

Act your age - is this something to take seriously?  What does it actually

Feeling Impish

Feeling Impish

Are You Feeling Impish? I love the word impish and feeling impish for me conjures

Vogue Japan

Inside My Suitcase

Inside My Suitcase Film - Vogue Japan I filmed a short video feature called Inside

No 1 in Japan

No 1 in Japan

No 1 in Japan Last week I had an extra special time in Tokyo for the

online modelling program

Coming Soon

This is a special message - The next Daphne Selfe Academy, my 6 week online

Daphne & Apollo - what's in a name?

Daphne & Apollo

DAPHNE & APOLLO - What's in a name? Do you know the story of Daphne

Young or old

Young or old

Young or old? Or more to the point do you feel young or old today? I’ve

Portrait by Craig Campbell

Portrait Present

Portrait Present Whilst staying at the glorious Dumfries House for the Boswell Book Festival in

Ageless Style Country Life

Ageless Style-Country Life

Country Life celebrating Ageless Style Two models representing two quite different generations have been brought

Art by Daphne

Art By Daphne

RELAX - Art By Daphne What do you do to relax?  I do think it's