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My Model Family

My Model Family is growing around the world



The Daphne Selfe Model Family is growing around the world and I’d like you to meet two of my students:-

Introducing Natalie & Irene

I’m Natalie Collier – I’m 44 years old and live in Bunbury, Australia. Modelling is always something I’ve loved and wanted to do.  At the beginning of the course I didn’t have any confidence or posture. Or know anything about the modelling world. I am very happy with this course and I have really enjoyed  doing it. I am very excited I have got my confidence back and I can achieve something at my age and now I can follow my dreams to be a model.

My Model Family - Natalie Collier

I’m Irene, 62 years old and I live in Ohio, USA. This was a dream come true – the Daphne Selfe workshop (Academy) was so motivating and informative. I wanted to get training from a highly respected expert and I got way more than that! The challenging were motivating and kept me on point. I’m still pinching myself …was my dream come true!

My Model Family - Irene SB

Watch the video above to see modelling images of Natalie & Irene or click here

Want to be part of my model family?  I would so love to welcome you into my wonderful Model Family – I’m very proud of all my students.  Becoming a graduate of the Daphne Selfe Academy is all that is required!

You can find further testimonies here

I do hope you will be able to join me on my next course.

If you missed my Academy introduction email you can catch up here


Full Academy details are below:-

What exactly is the Daphne Selfe Academy?

The Daphne Selfe Academy is a 6 week course training you in everything you need to know about being a model and the modelling industry. This year’s school is starting on Monday 6th March 2017.

The training is released online in weekly sections to the private members area of the Daphne Selfe Academy at and you will get an email from me with the link details each week.

Every Monday a new module is released and you get to decide if you want to work through a little each day or dive in for a concentrated go – it’s up to you.

You will get written tutorials and work sheets – I call them ‘Model sheets’!  Including images, videos for your learning style and lifestyle. Plus the opportunity to ask me questions directly and receive personal feedback via video link, webinar or a telephone call if you prefer.

Each week is broken down into easy to follow segments like building blocks so that by the end you will be prepared mentally and physically for the modelling world.

You can go over and over it again as much as you like.

Daily Mail Fashion

This course is perfect if you:-

• Are struggling to get your career going and need a plan

• Need help putting the disciplines into place that you know about and learn the ones you don’t know about!

• Want to know everything about a model’s life

• Are after someone to trust and turn to that has a lifetime of wisdom behind them

• Look in the mirror and don’t like what you see

• Believe you can feel more beautiful and elegant

• Would like to surprise yourself and others with your ‘model side’

• Want the best guidance there is to make some changes for the better 

What will the course be covering each week?

Week 1 – We start off looking at the different types of modelling and what sort is going to be best for you. Then we analyse your own unique physical attributes and how to make the best of them and be more confident and aware of what makes you beautiful.

Week 2 – Here we start to get down to the nitty gritty of what it takes for a successful and long career in modelling. This module is about training you to have the posture, body, beauty regimes and diet necessary for the hard and rewarding work of modelling. Here I let you in on the routines, disciplines and tips I have picked up through my lifetime. All in a natural and healthy way of course – as I’m well known for!

Week 3 – This week is about looking at the character traits, skills and mental outlook that is important for a successful life as a professional model. For the areas we are going to cover I want to you to take a good look at yourself and assess where you are currently and where you can improve further to be the best you can be.

Week 4 – Being a model is a skill, a form of acting. It has been said that feelings and emotions come through from a lifetime of experience but it is also like a young person singing an emotional song well beyond their age or experience, you can learn to do it with practise – whatever your actual age, that’s just a number! But practise does mean it takes time to get it right and more importantly so that when you are nervous you just do it without even having to think. You’ll learn and then practise poses and facial expressions, how to work to a camera and walking the catwalk and more.

Week 5 – This week I let you in on how the industry works, how to approach and deal with agents, casting sessions and clients plus how to watch out and be alert for the not so nice side of the industry. Have you been scouted? Would you like to be? What do modelling agencies expect and want. What to do and importantly what not to do.

Week 6 – What are your dreams and goals – do they need to be rewritten or adjusted with all you have learnt in the previous 5 weeks?  We’ll make a plan to move forward and you will interact with me to go over any questions or areas that you would like to discuss from the course and in relation to a career for yourself. It is now that you can submit completed coursework (if you’re ready) to apply for your Daphne Selfe Academy Graduation Certificate.

Confidence Review

How much does it cost?

The price is GBP £995 or $1249 USD (other currencies are available)

What happens once I’ve made my payment?

Once you have clicked the link and made your payment you will receive an email welcoming you to Daphne’s Model Family.  You will also receive information regarding your access to the members area of the Daphne Selfe Academy.

Daphne Selfe professional modelling course


You can repeat the programme for free each year for as long as I and my daughter Claire run the course.  Graduates of the Daphne Selfe Academy will receive an invitation to join me in London for Afternoon Tea (at a famous stylish and elegant location of course!) There I will be delighted to meet you in person.  Some of you will not be able to attend as you are too far away but I do hope that I can meet you on my travels around the world.

Become part of my Model Family and belong – not just for 6 weeks but for as long as you want to be involved. The Daphne Family will grow and be a positive supportive place where you can without doubt #beyourownselfe

Daphne Selfe by John Swannell

 How did the Daphne Selfe Academy come about?

The Daphne Selfe Academy has come about as I spend more and more of my time helping people ‘get on’. For many years I have been happy to give my free time to work with fashion design students with the highlight being their graduation shows where I have modelled for them. I work with photographers starting out on their careers and even film makers.  Many have turned into my personal friends and I realise that I have a lot of experience and knowledge to pass on. It got me thinking about the models that I meet and work with who are starting out and who don’t know what to do and the frustrated photographers who repeatedly say “I wish everyone knew what you know!”

I have mature friends, even ones from show business who have shocked me when they have expressed how little inner confidence they have as they have got older!  People with fantastic figures and looks who need help to not ‘fade away’. I come across many people who with the right knowledge and training can attain a WOW factor and much improved confidence. “It seems such a waste of the gift of life to be needlessly worrying and holding yourself back so I began asking myself “How can I help?”  From this question together with Claire (I call her my Model Minder) I have put together the Daphne Selfe Academy #beyourownselfe”.

There is no course that suits everybody and this course may not be for you if:-

• You’re not willing to work hard and apply what you will learn

• You aren’t really interested in your appearance and how to be like a professional model – is someone pushing or persuading you against your own wishes?

• You’re expecting a modelling contract to be guaranteed on completion of the course

• Improvement is of no interest

The Daphne Selfe Academy – setting the standard

“Rather than just teach you cold facts I get you to think things through, observe yourself and others.  Practise practise practise – of course, you will have expected me to say that!  I want you to have a direct experience of what we are covering and how it is going to make a real difference in how you see yourself and others see you too”.

• Being a graduate of the Daphne Selfe Academy can only be an improvement for you, your life, your resume and your future dreams and plans

• No hard selling of expensive portfolios or other worrying things you may have heard of in the modelling world.

• A lot of good old tried and tested disciplines and attitudes all right up to date!

I’m so looking forward to you being part of my Model Family.

Enrolment will be open to secure your place this Saturday 25th February so do look out for my email on Saturday morning.

I shall be sending you an early bird gift if you have registered by Sunday night!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at:-



With many blessings




Modelling Academy time!

It’s Modelling Academy time – my 6 week online modelling course The Daphne Selfe Academy for 2017 is starting soon.

Are you ready to step up to your dream of being a model?

modelling academy - Tae Alvon photographer for Curva Mag

Maybe you don’t know what steps to take to make a positive change to feel less awkward and in it’s place confident, beautiful and self assured.  For example if you had the proper training and skills walking into a crowded room, casting or interview situation would never feels as frightening again and would create a very different impression.

Do you say to yourself I wish I could see myself as others see me as I really don’t understand what makes me unique and attractive in their eyes – I just don’t get it?  Would you like to change that this year?

Or maybe you’re constantly told you should be a model or you’re been scouted and don’t know where to start, who to trust and where you can get support and guidance.

Daphne Selfe Gold by Tae Alvon for Curva Mag

With the Daphne Selfe Academy you have all you need to know about the modelling life in easy to follow steps conveniently in one place.  I’m there for you every step of the way whether it’s to be the next top model or the best ‘model you’ that’s possible.

Daphne’s Professional Modelling Course

The Daphne Selfe Academy is an online professional modelling course.  It is full of the knowledge and wisdom that Daphne has gained over her long career and successful life.  It is her wish to pass it on to you in an easy and accessible way so you can benefit from her experience. Whether you want to be a model, learn about the modelling industry, update yourself or gain confidence Daphne can help.

Excitedly, I’m here with Daphne Selfe the World’s Oldest Working Professional Model.  I’m here to talk to her about the Daphne Selfe Academy.  So tell me Daphne what is the Daphne Selfe Academy?

“This is an online academy and tutorial to help you learn all about modelling and how to be a model.  How the industry works.  You do it in your own home on your own or with friends and you can do it wherever you are – in this country or abroad”.

So everything you could possibly need to know about modelling from Daphne’s long experience of over 66 years modelling is in the Academy.

“When I was young I had three weeks training at my agency and so I learnt a lot of things models don’t get taught today and I want to impart that to all of you who take this course”.

Daphne is so looking forward to you joining her on her next Academy.

Modelling Academy Photo by Tae Alvon for Curva Mag

Sign up to Daphne’s Waiting List to hear the Modelling Academy information by clicking or tapping on the link below:-

Academy List for course information

Daphne by Tae Alvon for Curva

 For further Academy information click here:-

Daphne Selfe Academy

Curva Cover by Tae Alvon

You can’t enrol yet but you can put your name onto the waiting list to get further information by clicking or tapping here and be the first to hear when enrolment is open.

Don’t forget to save the date – Monday6th March 2017 and put your name on the list for further information here

Further information click or tap:- Daphne Selfe Academy

Curva Mag by Tae Alvon

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to email:-

And don’t forget to make sure you are signed up to receive the twice monthly Daphne News – my blog for news, health, style and beauty tips and more.



Daphne Selfe professional modelling course

Supporting Local

The life of a model is one of travel and adventure which I love. It is a welcome change to be able to do something on my doorstep every now and again.  Supporting local – Festiwool is a local event that I’ve done for the past few years and is such a joy.  I wanted to tell you a bit about it and why I love it so much.

Festiwool - Supporting Local

Supporting Local

Festiwool and is for those passionate about knitting and crochet and about introducing to the younger generation the joys and benefits that the age-old crafts can bring.  Plus you can make a bang up to date fashion statement using these crafts too.  You can’t be too old or too young for Festiwool!  Set up in 2014 it is proof that creative and relaxing crafts have a place in today’s hectic world.

Festiwool with Tamara

This year I got to model with the gorgeous teenage model Tamara (another local) who I’ve worked with before.  A Youth and Wisdom combo – Tamara definitely has youth on her side and I like to think I’ve gained some wisdom from all my years!


I can’t say I’m an expert at knitting or crochet but I have done both over the years and made fairly simple but satisfying items.  Dressmaking was more my thing but sadly these days I find threading the needle rather difficult!  Plus I’m still so busy working…

Festival 2015

I love to be around creative people and if it involves dressing up even better!

Festiwool 2015

These last 4 photos are from Festiwool 2015 including the fun wool bike – isn’t it fabulous!

Festiwool 2015

Festiwool Bike

Further information on Festiwool

What do you like to do to relax?  Supporting Local – Are there local events that you just have to support and enjoy?  Do let me know in the comments  below:-

Strong Women

Strong Women: An exhibition celebrating women’s strength by photographer Alistair Guy.

Alistair says “Women mentally are terribly strong but they are also fragile. I believe there is an incredible beauty in this dichotomy. The Strong Women project is a celebration of femininity as well as a celebration of each person and their character, their personality.”

“Strong women came about because of Daphne being who she is; the fact she has worked for 60 years within the model industry and also does yoga every day alongside having a family. She is a wonderful woman and quite inspirational and has always astounded me and her publishing her biography last year entitled ‘The Way We Wore’ about her life in clothing sums this all up too.”

Strong Women
Strong Women Exhibition by Alistair Guy –

Daphne say’s “I think a strong person has confidence in themselves, how they look and what they can do (even if they are limited physically through age or disability).”

Shot in London, New York and Los Angeles, the photographs are powerful representations of womanhood in the fashion, film and music worlds and come with headline messages from the women themselves. Alongside Daphne Selfe are Hollywood stars such as Melanie Griffiths and her mother Tippi Hedren plus British Fashion stars Savannah Miller, Jade Parfitt, Daphne Guinness, Jan de Villeneuve, Tamsin Egerton and magazine founder Elizabeth von Guttman.  Other exceptional women included are Tilly Wood, Amy Manson, Lena Gora, Shruti Ganguly,  Greta Ballamacina, Martina Bjorn, Brix Smith-Start and Erin Tonkon.

Alistair Guy photographer Strong Women
Behind the scenes Daphne Selfe & Alistair Guy

Shot on film using only natural light, what makes this exhibition stand out is the incredible honesty in each of the photographs. Many of the subjects were shot in their homes or at places which held a personal significance to them.

What attributes make a strong women to you? 

Somebody who sticks at what they do and creates their dream.

Who are your inspirations in life?

“This is a personal project and all the subjects for me have been a pure inspiration. I have the pleasure of knowing them all. My mother of course is the main reason I’m here and many of the women involved (three of the subjects were pregnant at the time of the shoots) also have their own children too which add more to the strength of them all”.

“I wanted them to open up and allow me into their space, to capture an intimate portrait of them. I shot everything on film so it was as real and as truthful as I could possibly get. Film it is much more considered because you know you’ve got only ten shots on each roll to get that shot…”

Strong Women - by Alistair Guy
Savannah Miller – ‘I think strength is found in surrender and acceptance of self. True deep acceptance and belief leads to unimaginable strength.’
Strong Women by Alistair Guy
Melanie Griffith – ‘Strength for me is being able to live honestly. Living my truth and not making up a good story for myself. Daring to change every day to become closer to that Inner Self. That’s strong to me.’

The Strong Women Exhibition is currently at The Café Royal on Regent Street, one of the legendary homes of glamour at the heart of the West End. It runs from the 10th November until 21st December before transferring to the Zebra One Gallery in Hampstead.

What attributes make a strong women to you?                                  

Who are your inspirations in life?                                                                       

Do let me know in the comments below

Strong Women by Alistair Guy

To see further information, articles and images on The Strong Women Exhibition click or tap on the links below:-

Alistair Guy

Marie Claire

Grazia Daily

The Factoryline

Hotel Cafe Royal

Feeling Impish

Are You Feeling Impish?

I love the word impish and feeling impish for me conjures up a youthful, playful and curious outlook that can be appropriate for any stage in life – I like that!

Are you feeling impish today?  Do you have a spring in your step and a joy to see what today’s treats, adventures and discoveries will be?

Of course, I don’t always feel like this.  When my feet are particularly painful (I have a condition called vasculitis to manage) and my knee hurts (the common twinge of arthritis many of us have) I feel all of my 88 years old.  If I look back over my life I notice I’ve felt ‘old’ if my health, emotions and body has been shouting for attention – even when I was a teenager.  As a horsewoman before my modelling career I was once thrown off my horse, a particular feisty one,  I was confined to bed for a week following concussion and a broken collarbone.  I didn’t feel very impish then, I can tell you.

Daphne on a horse

How do I change from feeling ‘old’ to feeling ‘impish’?  Each moment is an opportunity to re-choose and look for the things to be grateful for.  The painful things, whatever they are, don’t necessarily go away but I try to refocus on things that bring me joy and gratitude.  It might be simply be a cup of my favourite tea or a conversation with a friend or a new blossom appearing in my garden or a bird on my bird feeder outside my kitchen window.  Then again being a fashion girl it might be my favourite lipstick or a bright scarf or favourite outfit.

If you are feeling ‘old’ today then it most likely has nothing to do with your actual age but more to do with the challenges of the moment.  Remember age is just a number and feeling ‘impish’ can be just around the corner ready and waiting for you.

I do hope you are feeling impish today or that you can do something to get yourself this feeling once again – it’s a lot of fun if you can!

Do let me know what works for you in the comments below:-

If you are beginning to think about presents do have a look at my online shop to see if there is something for family or friends




Charles Frederick Worth

The BBC One Show feature on Charles Frederick Worth London Fashion Week

Not many people know the name of the man acclaimed as the founding father of the modern day fashion industry – did you?

Charles Frederick Worth was born in the village of Bourne, Lincolnshire in 1825 only a couple of hours drive from where I live in England.  At the age of 13, Worth was already fascinated with fabrics and haberdashery. At this young age he travelled to London to work as an apprentice in a department store in the centre of the London’s Piccadilly called ‘Swan & Edgar’.  A store I knew well in the 70s which I believe closed in 1982 – I think I had my picture in the window at one point!


Meeting dress historian Professor Amy De La Haye of the London College of Fashion I learnt that it was while working  in London that Worth really became interested with ornate designs and fabrics. By 1845 he decided he needed to go Paris to make a name for himself there.  Soon he’d set up his own and was considered one of the greatest designers in Europe. 

 Worth did things a little differently from his contemporaries as usually at this time women would buy their own fabrics and then take them to a dressmaker. There they would request the style they wanted but Worth would design specifically for his clients. He was the first to provide complete outfits under one roof – fabrics, dresses, accessories, shoes. The House of Worth is the first known fashion house.

Instead of using mannequins he designed dresses for his wife Marie Vernet and got her to wear them for his clients – she was called ‘the first professional mannequin’, or the first fashion model.

He was among the first to create a brand by sewing a label into his creations and was the first to make seasonal collections. You could call him the first celebrity designer.

Browns Fashion Browns window

Luckily as part of The One Show feature on Charles Frederick Worth I got to wear a copy of one of his stunning gowns.  I posed in the window of Fashion Store Browns in London’s South Molten Street.  Working again with British fashion photographer Rankin we had a fun time as you can see from the images. I hope you like them and have learnt something new about fashion too!

Thank you to the One Show for giving me the opportunity to present and learn more about Charles Frederick Worth – I hope you have learnt something new about the history of fashion too!

Charles Frederick Worth South Molten St

The One Show Feature   (content may be location restricted)





The Model Minder – Alone or Team

The Model Minder – Do you operate alone or as a team?

You may have heard me talk about The Model Minder and how I couldn’t manage without her.

I wanted you to hear from her directly so here is The Model Minder:-

Hello, I’m Claire, who Daphne calls The Model Minder.  I’m Daphne’s oldest daughter so I’ve known Daphne my entire life.  With people closest to us it’s not unusual to take for granted the lessons, wisdom and what they have imparted to us as just a common thing and assume “doesn’t everyone else know that?” Mostly, we don’t think about the uniqueness of who they are and of what they bring us.  And we certainly don’t always appreciate how special their gift to us is.  Maybe we don’t take the time to realise that not everyone has the same opportunity to shape their life from an early age with the skills, routines, outlooks and behaviours without considering that not everyone else has the same from their mothers and role models.  I was guilty of this until recently.

Once I had my own children, my twin sons, I started to value more what my mother had done for me – this seems to be a normal revelation and insight in many of our lives at this stage of life.  Of course I was super busy and even more so after the early death of my husband Dick when our boys were 6 years old.  The next phase of my life was devoted to trying to be the best parent I could be and raise my family as best I could.  As my boys became more independent and forging their own paths in life I began to muse about what my ‘next chapter’ would be.

It was important for me that whatever I chose would be meaningful  and make a difference in the world, whether that was for a few or many.  As I began to think about what I might do Daphne was saying how often she was being asked for her story but had also been told no one would want to publish her book as it wasn’t a disaster story or full of sex and drugs and rock n roll – something passionate stirred inside of me as I thought to myself “that’s just not right as many of us are inspired by Daphne and would love to read her story!”  Plus I thought here is a place where I could be of value.  I could get my business skills updated for today’s world.  So I made the decision that I would help Daphne produce her memoir for Daphne’s four grandchildren if no one else!  We found a publisher and the rest is history.  One thing led to another and we now have the Daphne Selfe Academy, Daphne News and Daphne’s memoir The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes published in both English and Japanese.  With other exciting things we are working on together I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been and how easy and delightful Daphne is to work with and I’m loving getting to know the students in Daphne’s Model Family and her many fans around the world.  Working with my mother is something that had never occurred to me before.  Isn’t it funny how sometimes the next chapter in life or major decision is there right in front of you but you didn’t realise and had no idea until the time is right and it’s just the most perfect thing.  

Having just returned from accompanying Daphne on her recent trip to Japan for the launch of her book in Japanese it is wonderful to say it is still at No 1 in Japan!

Daphne & baby Claire (The Model Minder)

Thank you Claire for introducing yourself and to those of you who have gone through The Daphne Academy and are now part of my Model  Family you have got to know Claire already.  For those of you coming on the next Academy starting next month you will be pleased to know that it’s not just me to look after you and that Claire and I come as a team.

Do you come alone or as part of a team?  Do let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear and please do share with your family and friends.

Look at one of our previous Daphne News:-


Coming Soon

This is a special message – The next Daphne Selfe Academy, my 6 week online modelling program is starting early next month.

Run for the first time last year with great success my Model Family is growing – who’s joining me this time?

Is it time you stepped up to your dream of being a model?

Does your ‘inner model’ need the knowledge and confidence to make a positive change and be the best you there is?

Maybe you don’t know what steps to take to feel less awkward and in it’s place confident, beautiful and self assured.  For example if you had the proper training and skills walking into a crowded room, casting or interview situation would never feels as frightening again and you would create a very different impression.

Do you say to yourself I wish I could see myself as others see me as I really don’t understand what makes me unique and attractive in their eyes – I just don’t get it?  Would you like to change that this year?

Or maybe you’re constantly told you should be a model or you’re been scouted and don’t know where to start, who to trust and where you can get support and guidance.

online modelling program

With the Daphne Selfe Academy my online modelling program you have all you need to know about the modelling life in easy to follow steps conveniently in one place.  I’m there for you every step of the way whether it’s to be the next top model or the best ‘model you’ that’s possible.

It’s starting on Monday, 3rd of October so put the date in your diary.

You can’t enrol yet but you can put your name onto the enrolment waiting list here and I’ll let you know when enrolment is open.

Let me know in the comments below why you want to do the Daphne Selfe Academy and do share with your family and friends.

I’m  so looking forward to getting to know you and see you continue to flourish & blossom.