Daphne News - blog posts

Daphne News – blog posts

DAPHNE NEWS: A Bi Monthly Blog by Daphne

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I’m trying to get used to using the word blog as it is one that is so universal nowadays.  I can’t say that I really like it and would rather just say Daphne News but I realise that this can be misleading so I have to just get on with it – so here is my blog.  I shall keep using it and see if I can get used to it – maybe it will grow on me!

Hope you enjoy my blog and will join in and receive my twice a month posts. It will cover a wide range of fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle areas of life plus behind the scene looks at my work in both photographic sessions and on the catwalk. As well as blog posts there are videos and recording links to TV and radio shows for you to see. You will find previous posts listed below this post in the lefthand menu on my website or in the BLOG tab on the main menu at the top of my website too.  When you go to the main posts page you will see all my Daphne News displayed in a grid fashion with a main photo for each one like a magazine so they are easy to see.

Thank you so much for visiting my site and don’t forget to comment and share with your family and friends. There are social media buttons to make it easy to share.  I do so love hearing from you and if there is anything I can help with I will be delighted to see if I can.

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Daphne News Blog Posts

2 thoughts on “Daphne News – blog posts”

  1. Daphne, I’m glad the “impish” idea worked for you. It does evoke a positive feeling and urges contemplation of rather “outrageous” behavior in me. Things like sticking my tongue out (behind their backs of course) at ladies of a certain age who appear as if their faces would fall off if they dared crack a smile. We’ve been “proper” all of our lives. We have earned the right to be guardians of the outrageous.

    Carry on, darling. You’re having an enormous impact on many lives!

  2. Just finished reading your book and found it very enjoyable and so lovely to read of your positive attitude to growing old. I wish I could think in such a positive attitude too. I’m going to try to improve my outlook on life…. Thank you. You are a inspiration to all women.

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