A Modelling Life

Recently, I’ve been thinking a bit deeper about the extraordinary thing that happened to me at 70 years old.  Did I think of myself as having a modelling life?  Not really, I’ve always done some modelling over the years and it’s been a big part of who I am but other things in my life such as being a wife and model took precedence.

For the majority of my life I’ve lived as a normal person going about my life in my English Market Town slightly north of my much loved London and continue you to do so.

As an adventurer by nature I do like to try new things and grasp opportunities so when I received the call to ‘walk’ for the hip young fashion house Red or Dead at London Fashion Week in 1998 I immediately said ‘Yes’. But that didn’t stop me thinking whether it was too soon after the recent death of my husband Jim from his third stroke, ending 43 years of married life? Did they really want me at 70 years of age? Could I still do it? I decided I had to give it a go as what did I have to loose? Only my pride if I made a fool of myself!

Looking back I can see that this one event was where I crossed an imaginary threshold and stepped into a new life for myself and a defining moment for the Western World and it’s attitude to ageing. I went against convention and society norms. Me, a woman well past her prime and sell by date, so it is said and we’ve all come to accept without a fight.

My reward was a feature in Vogue, the top high fashion and lifestyle magazine and a signing to Models 1: Europe’s leading modelling agency. But more than this I felt acknowledged, seen, independent, beautiful and successful. I was excited to see if this might be fun for a few weeks and months and then things would go back as before – on that I was wildly mistaken!

Now 17 years on, of worldwide modelling which shows no sign of slowing down (with another big campaign due out shortly) I’ve seen friends and acquaintances ‘fade away’, loose their confidence and vitality. Stop caring about their appearance all together and lose their unique sparkle. This saddens me and it doesn’t have to be this way.

What I’ve realised is most of us don’t even know this has happened, let alone know the steps to change it. Have you looked in the mirror and wondered ‘where did I go’? I believe we are in a time where we can change convention and I can help. And I want to help. Let’s make a stand together and go against longheld beliefs with renewed hope whether you are young or old (set an example for our children and grandchildren too).

The solutions have always been here and with my long experience I want to strip away the negative beliefs and assumptions. Let’s get back to a more joyful, natural, realistic, loving and ageless way of seeing and experiencing ourselves and those around us.

Change Yourself – Change The World

The World Needs You Vital, Confident, Bright & Beautiful

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Valentine's Shoot 1999 a modelling life

Valentine’s Shoot 1999