Red Thread Fashion Shoot

Red Thread Journal Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot for Red Thread Journal

I wanted to share my experience of doing the fashion shoot for Red Thread Journal that I did recently.  I love the clothes, they are such beautiful vivid block summer colours, very unusual, stylish and flowing and I had fun doing all the different poses we experimented with.  My hair was kept loose and not much done to it and the same with my makeup – kept to a minimum.
Fashion Shoot Fashion Shoot Fashion Shoot Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot

Filmed in London in an amazing Hackney studio (inside someone’s flat) as winter was keeping a grip on a dreary grey day in the spring. The charismatic photographer Benjamin Madgwick who I loved working with was in fine form.  Very clear on what he wanted to achieve so it was easy for me to know what to do.

Red Thread Journal if you haven’t heard of it is described as follows:-

Red Thread Journal is an exclusive bi-annual print publication dedicated to the explorative journey through fashion, design, photography and art with a Red Thread that unites theme and aesthetic in harmony. The aim is to inspire and evoke using imagery only”.

Visually rich, focused and enticing.

In Chinese folklore, an invisible Red Thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.

This thread represents the creative contributors and teams intrinsic to the creation of the Red Thread Journal.

I love the description of the red thread in Chinese folklore connecting us and that it may stretch or tangle but never break.  On every modelling job I look forward to seeing those I’ve met before and those I haven’t yet and often we find that we have friends and places in common.  Who have you been destined to meet?

Red Thread Journal

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Choose a bright block summer colour to wear next time you choose an outfit whatever the weather is doing – I will be!

Be bright, bold and fabulous

Fashion Shoot  Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot

Photographer: Benjamin Madgwick 

Stylist: Miss Linhly

Red Thread Journal:

4 thoughts on “Red Thread Journal Fashion Shoot”

  1. Hello Daphne, I’m loving the photo of you in the long yellow shift dress. You remind me of one of the Caryatids on the Erechthyion on the Acropolis in Athens. Love from Bahkti xxx

  2. Beautiful ! I love your style and gracefulness! The bright colors are fabulous .

  3. You are an inspiraration to all women Beautiful colours and shape x Janice

  4. You inspire me, Daphne. Women of all ages can learn about love, life and happiness from you. You are ALL that is good in being a woman.

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