Feeling Impish

Feeling Impish

Are You Feeling Impish?

I love the word impish and feeling impish for me conjures up a youthful, playful and curious outlook that can be appropriate for any stage in life – I like that!

Are you feeling impish today?  Do you have a spring in your step and a joy to see what today’s treats, adventures and discoveries will be?

Of course, I don’t always feel like this.  When my feet are particularly painful (I have a condition called vasculitis to manage) and my knee hurts (the common twinge of arthritis many of us have) I feel all of my 88 years old.  If I look back over my life I notice I’ve felt ‘old’ if my health, emotions and body has been shouting for attention – even when I was a teenager.  As a horsewoman before my modelling career I was once thrown off my horse, a particular feisty one,  I was confined to bed for a week following concussion and a broken collarbone.  I didn’t feel very impish then, I can tell you.

Daphne on a horse

How do I change from feeling ‘old’ to feeling ‘impish’?  Each moment is an opportunity to re-choose and look for the things to be grateful for.  The painful things, whatever they are, don’t necessarily go away but I try to refocus on things that bring me joy and gratitude.  It might be simply be a cup of my favourite tea or a conversation with a friend or a new blossom appearing in my garden or a bird on my bird feeder outside my kitchen window.  Then again being a fashion girl it might be my favourite lipstick or a bright scarf or favourite outfit.

If you are feeling ‘old’ today then it most likely has nothing to do with your actual age but more to do with the challenges of the moment.  Remember age is just a number and feeling ‘impish’ can be just around the corner ready and waiting for you.

I do hope you are feeling impish today or that you can do something to get yourself this feeling once again – it’s a lot of fun if you can!

Do let me know what works for you in the comments below:-

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  1. Great I am iN my 60’s and yes sometimes I can feel old especially when the sun is shining in my bedroom and I look in the mirror. Wrinkles, which from day to day I do not see. But then when I am walking in the countryside with my dogs, crawling under barbed wire fencing and wading through the river, swimming n the pool exercising, then I do not feel old. Love your email & your great outlook on life.x

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