job advice for the older woman

Can I give job advice for the older woman?

Am I qualified to give job advice to anyone let alone job advice for the older woman?  I’m finding that I’m being asked more and more and it’s a concern for many?  As someone who is working happily and successfully at 88 years old maybe there is some sense in directing the question my way!

I was born and raised at a time when it was common for many women to give up thoughts of a career when they married (as they were expected to do) and to focus on home making and raising a family.  I was happy to do this and it is a worthy occupation to this day, along with the wide range of choices for women to make for themselves that exists currently.  From my own experience I’ve always chosen to do things that I both enjoyed and were needed, whether it was training horses in my younger years or taking a job at the local department store when I didn’t know what else to do.  This led on quite unexpectedly into the modelling world.  I tried an office job once and it wasn’t for me – I need to be more active and it just felt wrong.

Looking back I’ve tended to go with the flow whilst being true to myself – as you never know where a seemingly unlikely opportunity might lead or who you might meet.  Once there I give it my all and am as professional, personable and efficient as I can be.  What I can contribute and help with is always more important than the money earned, as important as that is.

What job advice for the older woman can I give?  I don’t actually think your age makes a difference although your circumstances do change with the chapters in life.

I do believe there is the perfect job for everyone and this can be different jobs or careers at different phases of your life.  As a lover of fashion and clothes Department Store Modelling and Dress Making was perfect for me when my children were growing up and doing film extra work as my husband Jim’s health declined.  These were things I knew I could do and enjoy and at the same time fitting around my other responsibilities.  After Jim died (unbelievably 20 years ago this week) the opportunity to model again came into my life and the rest is history!

My modelling work has been a huge blessing in my life and keeps me busy and feeling useful and appreciated plus I get to wear beautiful clothes, go to amazing locations and meet wonderful people.  I was asked recently how much I work and on considering I realise it is a lot but the thing is that it never feels like work as I love it!

Job advice

My job advice for the older woman is:-

Follow your heart

Be aware of your natural gifts

Consider what you love to do or would like to do – it’s never too late

Be realistic about your current situation/responsibilities and what will suit

Embrace change and do your best

Take on unlikely opportunities and see where they lead

Be brave and courageous

You can do anything that you want – you decide

This is it – it’s not a dress rehearsal

Why retire if what you do brings you joy & satisfaction

Don’t take any notice of existing conventions and norms (when you model at 88 years old you can say that!)


Do please comment below as I’d love to hear if you have any tips or thoughts to add or if this helps in anyway.  Maybe you have the perfect job – do let me know.


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3 thoughts on “Can I give job advice for the older woman?”

  1. Hi Daphne

    I find you a great inspiration, and your advice is empowering.
    We are so oppressed by societies conformities , of when we should retire, or how we should act, and on and on, and to swim against that tide, and find other kindred spirits that do just that is powerful. Your fighting against ageism on all fronts, and I love that about you., and your truly beautiful and stylish .Thank you Simone Storm

  2. Daphne:

    I love your list of models’ advice you have generously shared! Following my heart is what encouraged me to take that plunge in 2013. While I was investigating the senior models around the world, I came across an article about your career and photos that stuck with me to this day. I told myself that I need not be afraid to try my way back in to the modeling arena even after all these years. I have enjoyed meeting new people, and staying engaged with the fashion industry, and also, not stopping at anything to promote the over 50 aged market. Stepping outside of the box and surrounding myself with people who support my endeavors, has kept me looking ahead and not backward. Something very powerful has always been there to guide me and my path lead me to you, Daphne….and as you know, my dream came true! Thank you for embracing me and all your encouragement! I am very proud of you! Thankful for our friendship and am honored and blessed to be a part of your models family! XOXOXO Irene

  3. I am 70 years old. I received degrees in English Literature, Philosophy and Nursing. I opted to be an ” at home” mother after enjoying the freedom of travel and adventure. I came from and married into a privileged life. When I became widowed ten years ago I wanted to do something both for myself and others. I looked toward what I like to do and is natural to me. After creating a list of possibilities, I choose to work as a ladies companion which involves knowledge of medicine (helpful but not necessary), reading, intelligent discussion, fashion knowledge, chess playing, and most of all patience and bestowing kindness.

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