Model School and other things 

At 86 years old I am thrilled to announce the launch of my first ever website – daphneselfe.com plus coming soon my online Model School.  It is never too late to take on new challenges and the world of technology is one I could never have imagined in the 1930s when I was a girl.  I do believe in an attitude of trying new things helps to keep a youthful outlook so here I am in your inbox with my first Daphne News.

As you may already know I have big news coming up but my lips are sealed for another few weeks.  I’m bursting with excitement to tell you and can’t wait – just not quite yet!

What I can tell you is that I am in the process of setting up the Daphne Selfe Online Modelling Academy I need your help:-

Daphne Selfe Academy is an internet tutorial and mentoring course for potential models and their families and supporters.

  • Do you wish you knew the secrets of the modelling world?
  • Would you like to be better prepared for the ups and downs of a modelling career?
  • Has your child been scouted and you are feeling a mixture of delight and fear?
  • Are you nervous about what to expect at your first casting, photo session and catwalk show?

Any comments on what you think would be useful, plus anything that you would like to see included would really help at this stage of development – I would be most grateful.

Please comment in the box below and do share with your friends

With many blessings        DaphneSigModel School