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A selection of Daphne Selfe press articles from around the world – interviews, editorial & photographs. Who is Daphne and what makes her an inspiration we can learn from to lead a full, adventurous, postive and beautiful life!



Cosmopolitan Japan – Living Your Own Life in London – Daphne Selfe



Daphne Selfe

A Fresh Face

A fresh face

After a break of almost six decades, an unexpected encounter at the age of 70 relaunched one of the most enduring careers in high fashion. Two decades on, it is still going strong.
A Fresh Face 15th April 2017
Financial Times – A Fresh Face 15th April 2017

always taught that if you work for someone, to be as pleasant and helpful as possible. Some of this is down to upbringing. My parents were very loving but strict – that gave me discipline and a work ethic. It is an approach that has enabled me to have a career in this industry for as long as I have.

Daphne Selfe - A Fresh Face

I started modelling in the late 1940s when I was 20. Back then it was very different. You had to take all your accessories to a shoot – the bits for your hair, three pairs of shoes, gloves, hats, jewellery and make-up. Now you just go and everything is done for you. But my early modelling career lasted just five years, until I got married. This was the 1950s and you weren’t expected to work after marriage. However……..

Daphne Selfe


True Confidence Daphne Selfe
20th March 2017 by Iakavos
PIBE Fashion, Beauty & Art
#issue 2 – spring 2017

Curious, optimistic and experienced, Daphne Selfe is the answer to your everyday inspiration.

Spanning sixty-seven years in the modelling industry, Daphne Selfe is a self-built wonder woman who has – and continues to – share her bright-eyed outlook. The supermodel, author and influencer has been photographed for various publications over the years making it to cover girl for CURVA, 125 and Drapers – to name a few. Daphne is the woman who aims to inspire people by imparting wisdom and life experience, and her story is the story of being “a happy, cheerful person” who is “always curious about the next adventure”.

Raised from a strong background, Daphne oozes a certain tranquillity and humbleness that only adds to her beauty. Her head strong nature, she tells us, is a result of being “blessed with good parents, genes and a loving yet strict upbringing” and “I had to make the best of everything as I was brought up in the war and I had to ‘get on with it’”. With a lifetime of adventures already under the belt, Daphne travels and locks down exciting projects whilst still owning the runway – her most recent success being her book ‘The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes’and many more projects to be revealed soon that are in the pipeline.

“I was just propelled into the fashion industry by circumstances”

Daphne’s modelling career kicked off when……

Read more:-http://pibemagazine.com/True-Confidence-Iakovos

Daphne Selfe

Huffington Post
31st January 2017 Joey De Cordero

Fashion Photographer Alistair Guy: His Latest Exhibition, Strong Women, Captures The Best Moments Of Inspiring Women From Every Generation

Fashionista’s gathered for the evening to view the latest work from Fashion Photographer of the moment Alistair Guy. Mostly known for his debonair sense of style and charismatic charm, his presence and persona have a way of communicating style through photography.

A series of black and white portraiture capture the essence of his muses showcasing exceptional women from the fields of fashion, music and film starting with a showcase exhibit in London followed by New York.

The featured work includes an influential and inspirational group of women who achieved acclaimed praise for contributions in their specialist fields. Photographs comprised of sixties style icons and models Jan de Villeneuve, and Daphne Selfe amongst many others were honoured for their longstanding careers spanning over a few decades.

Read more:- http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/joey-de-cordero/fashion-photographer-alis_b_14483252.html

Huffington Post - Strong Women


Daphne Selfe

Be a golden girl at any age
Be a golden girl at any age – 22nd December 2016

Be a golden girl at any age: The High Street has embraced the gold rush and so should YOU this season

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4056386/Be-golden-girl-age-High-Street-embraced-gold-rush-season.html

Daphne Selfe

Country Life
19th Dec 2016

At 88, Daphne is one of the oldest professional fashion models in the world and has been gracing the pages of fashion magazines since 1949, when Gilbert Adams discovered her at the age of 21. 

Photographed by the likes of Mario Testino and our own Chris Allerton, she has appeared in countless advertising campaigns for leading designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and is a poster girl for older women.
Read more at http://www.countrylife.co.uk/country-life/daphne-selfe-favourite-things-144813#i8LDxiOSfZG2bBUS.99

Daphne Selfe’s favourite things, from afternoon tea to yoga

Daphne Selfe

Dorset Echo Dorchester Literary Festival
26 Oct 2016 / Meghan Hindley

Daphne Selfe


25th October 2017 – A real success story

Dorchester Literary Festival is a real success story

THOUSANDS of book lovers visited Dorchester this past week to attend the town’s literary festival.

Now in its second year, the Dorchester Literary Festival ran from last Wednesday until Sunday.

At least 3,000 people attended this years event, at least double the numbers of last year, festival directors have said.

The event brought authors from all over the world to Dorset with fans following close behind.

This year the festival was raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and an incredible £1,000 was raised just from collection buckets at the events, and there is more yet to come.

Festival director, Janet Gleeson spoke to the Echo about her highlights.

She said: “Tracy Chevalier, our patron, in conversation with Penny Strong was just such a lovely event. They talked about her book and cider making and we had samples of cider in the middle of it. Victoria Hislop in conversation with Steve Harris gave a fascinating insight into how a multi-million copy novelist got her ideas from and how she set off in her career.

“Sir Tony Robinson was just hilarious. Everyone was just in stitches.

“I think the most popular event and another highlight for me was Daphne Selfe, the 88-year-old supermodel. What was interesting was the audience, every event had a different type of audience and for this one it was a lot of women of a certain age looking very glamorous and immaculate. Daphne was very moving. Her own philosophy on life was very inspirational.

Dorchester Literary Festival
Daphne Selfe with interviewer Lucy Ambache of Solent Radio

“Poems that Make Grown Women Cry by father and son Anthony and Ben Holden was another moving event. The poetry was just beautiful and gave you such thought while other poems were really quite funny.

“Our final event, Kate Adie in conversation with Paul Atterbury, was another packed event. She is a very popular woman. She talked about her experience in Tiananmen Square in 1989 which was a real eye opener.

“Overall it was a wonderful set of events and we are already looking forward to next year.”

Dates for the 2017 Dorchester Literary Festival have already been confirmed and will be held from Wednesday, October 18 until Sunday, October 22. For more information visit dorchesterliteraryfestival.com/



Daphne Selfe Press Page

Daphne Selfe Sunday Express
Sunday 11th Sept 2016

Daphne Selfe Sunday Express

At 88, Daphne Selfe is the world’s oldest working supermodel. She has been photographed by the likes of Mario Testino and David Bailey and has modelled for Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Red or Dead as well as the high-street brand TK Maxx. And she shows no signs of slowing down.Raised during the Second World War, she started modelling at 20 and attributes her slim physique to the wartime years.

I wasn’t really slim but I have never been fat. I was a middling size

Daphne Selfe

“I was brought up in the war so you didn’t have a lot to eat. You had a little of everything,” she says.“I wasn’t really slim but I have never been fat. I was a middling size.“The secret is to eat what you like within reason – little and often suits me. Make your own food. I don’t eat takeaways, there is too much sugar and salt. Plenty of exercise three times a week. I walk a lot and drink water. Plus, having a positive outlook helps more than anything.”Daphne carries herself like a woman in her twenties. “I still think clothes look better on a slimmer person, but posture is everything,” she says. “If you stand up straight you are going to look good.”To continue reading click or tap on the link below:-



Daphne Selfe black border

Femina - Hungarian Magazine

A 88 éves modell, Daphne Selfe bitang jól néz ki: megőrül érte a divatszakma

2016. szeptember 15. | Enikő, Melitta – Hungarian Magazine Femina

Daphne Selfe már akkor modellkedett, amikor Erzsébetet királynővé koronázták 1953-ban, így a mostanra 88 éves asszony hivatalosan is a világ legidősebb szupermodellje. Korát meghazudtoló frissességét elmondása szerint kicsattanó életszeretetének köszönheti, és annak, hogy imádja, amit csinál. Kivételes szépsége nem a plasztikai sebészek és a botox remekműve, éppen ellenkezőleg: Daphne Selfe abban hisz, hogy jó méltósággal megöregedni, ami csodás fotóin is látszik. Nézd meg őket!

Daphne Selfe already modelled when Elizabeth was crowned queen in 1953. Daphne at 88 years old is now officially the world's oldest super model. Age-defying freshness show Daphne's exuberant love of life and that she loves what she does. Her exceptional beauty is not a plastic surgeon's or Botox masterpiece, on the contrary we learn from Daphne Selfe, that it is good to grow old with dignity.  Which seems wonderful as you can see in the photographs. Check them out !


Daphne Selfe

The Way We Wore published in Japanese

Daphne’s flew to Tokyo  for the launch of promotion campaign for her book The Way We Wore in Japan and for the Kaodachi Luxury Spa – The Book.  Look out for further updates on Daphne’s social media



Kaodachi The Book http://www.thebook.com/?gclid=CJmbpO-m-M0CFUqdGwodC5IBUA


KAODACHI あなたの意志と手で変えていける顔立ち

進水のための東京に今日飛ぶDaphneこの週(月曜日8月29日)。  Daphneの社会的な媒体のそれ以上のアップデートを見なさい

Daphne Selfe black borderThe Way We Wore out in Japanese


Daphne Selfe

Daphne Selfe Daily Mail
By Laura Lambert For The Daily Mail 12th May 2016
  • Daphne Selfe is the world’s oldest working supermodel at the age of 87
  • She is appearing in Country Life magazine to ‘celebrate ageless beauty’
  • Miss Selfe started modelling at 21 and has previously featured in Vogue
  • Model revealed the secret to staying young is ‘a positive mental attitude’

Embracing her wrinkles and silvery hair as she stares wistfully away from the camera, she is the epitomy of growing old gracefully.

Yet the selection of vibrant coats and eye-catching jewellery makes Daphne Selfe, the world’s oldest working supermodel, look far younger than her 87 years.

The grandmother, who lives in Hertfordshire, is appearing in Country Life magazine, as part of its bid to ‘celebrate ageless beauty’ and move beyond the long-running girl in pearls feature.

Ageless Style - Country Life

Daphne Selfe black border Press

Yahoo News Daphne Selfe
Yahoo News Daphne Selfe 19th February 2016

‘Models really aren’t anything special – we’re just ordinary like everyone else,’ says Daphne Selfe.

Only Daphne Selfe is anything but ordinary. At 87 years old, tonight she will be walking in a London Fashion Week show to a sea of applause.


Daphne Selfe at 50PlusFW

Daphne Selfe black border

Telegraph article 19th February 2016 Daphne Selfe 50PLUSFW
Telegraph 19th February 2016 Daphne Selfe

The first 50+ Fashion Week: A catwalk show designed for stylish women who don’t want to be seen as ‘invisible’


Daphne Selfe on the catwalk for 50PLUSFW J D Williams London Fashion Week
Daphne Selfe 50PLUSFW 18th Feb 2016

Daphne Selfe black border

Daphne Selfe Evening Standard article 18th Feb 2016Daphne Selfe’s message to women: Don’t let age stand in your way

At 87, Daphne Selfe is still a catwalk superstar — and hopes she is a role model, too.

Selfe, who has modelled since 1949 but was rediscovered at the age of 70, wants her achievements to encourage women to “never let their age get in the way of what they want to achieve”.

She appeared in her first London Fashion Week catwalk show for Red or Dead in 1998. Tonight she will take part in a show hosted by retailer JD Williams as part of the first 50+ Fashion Week catwalk. She said: “I was rediscovered at 70 and haven’t looked back since — I have been photographed by Mario Testino and David Bailey!

“Last year I shot a campaign for & Other Stories and Vans and fronted the campaign for the eyewear brand OPSM.

“I feel I am a positive role model to encourage women to never let their age get in the way of what they would like to achieve. The pace of life sometimes takes over and people get settled — they need to find themselves again.”


Daphne Selfe in field by Alistair Guy

Daphne Selfe black border

Daphne Selfe article in Age Uk January 2016
Interview Daphne Selfe by Nick Smurthwaite Age Uk January 2016

Daphne Selfe on modelling in her 80s


Daphne Selfe photographed by Rosie Collins in Age UK Article
Daphne Selfe photographed by Rosie Collins

Daphne Selfe black border

Daphne Selfe's book review for Australian blog Read Me
Interview with Daphne Selfe, author of ‘The Way We Wore’ (Macmillan; Pan Macmillan) January 30, 2016

Interview with Daphne Selfe, author of ‘The Way We Wore’ (Macmillan; Pan Macmillan)

Daphne Selfe black border

Daphne Selfe interview in Backstyle Magazine 7th January 2016
7th January 2016

Daphne Selfe is a supermodel since 1949


Daphne Selfe having her make up done for OPSM Campaign
Daphne Selfe for OPSM Campaign


Daphne Selfe black border

Mail Online article on Daphne Selfe 15th Dec 2015 The world's oldest working supermodel, 87
Mail Online Daphne Selfe

15th December 2015

Instead of finding a chocolate treat hidden away for each day of December, the Instagram page for Models 1 is offering one a video of one of their beauties dancing around to the tune of Christmas jingles to promote its daily charity raffle.

The world’s oldest working supermodel, Daphne Selfe, 87, holds up a signed copy of her autobiography, which is the prize of the day.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3359429/Alicia-Rountree-Toby-Huntington-Whiteley-star-advent-calendar-starring-models.html#ixzz3wIrU8lIa

Models1 12DayAdventCal featured Daphne Selfe holding out her book

On the 12th day of Christmas…..

Daphne Selfe black border

Daphne Selfe article in The Argus 19th Nov 2015 Retirement never in sight for the world's oldest supermodel
The Argus 19th November 2015 Daphne Selfe

Retirement never in sight for the world’s oldest supermodel

DAPHNE Selfe is enjoying a lifelong love affair – with clothes and fashion.

Growing up in a home where her mother Irene would make all her dresses, and needlework was considered an art form, she soon became adept at making her own garments.

What followed was a career in modelling for brands like Dolce and Gabbana, photo shoots with some of the acclaimed fashion photographers like Mario Testino, Nick Knight and David Bailey, and appearing regularly in newspaper and magazine fashion pages.

Since her return to the industry aged 70 she has worked non-stop and is busier than ever, appearing in adverts for high street chains like TK Maxx and helped with charity campaigns.

Aged 87, she is the world’s oldest working supermodel and is touring the country telling stories of her life through her fascination with clothes.

http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/14042326. Retirement never in sight for the world’s oldest supermodel/

The Argus article on Daphne Selfe photo by Rosie Collins for Marie Claire, China
19th November 2015 The Argus Daphne Selfe


Daphne Selfe black border

Hertfordshire Life Logo for article on Daphne Selfe 10th Nov 2015
10th November 2015 Daphne Selfe

Interview: Daphne Selfe, the UK’s oldest supermodel

Daphne Selfe has had a remarkable career as a model, dancer and actress. She is now the UK’s oldest supermodel after being spotted again, nearly 17 years ago, aged 70. A long-time Hertfordshire resident, now living in Baldock, and with three children and four grandchildren, she describes how her journey in the world of fashion began. 

http://www.hertfordshirelife.co.uk/people/interview Daphne Selfe the uk’s oldest supermodel 

Daphne Selfe black border

Daphne profile portrait with White Rose in black & white 1950s Walter Bird

The Telegraph logo - Daphne Selfe Academy by Olivia Lidbury 8th October 2015
The Telegraph – Daphne Selfe Academy by Olivia Lidbury 8th October 2015

Want to break into the modelling world but not sure how? Well, the world’s oldest professional model, Daphne Selfe, think she may have the answer.

The 87-year-old Londoner, who has been in the industry for a very long time (since 1949, to be exact), is launching an online modelling academy at the end of this month with the aim of sharing all her knowledge and expertise in a: “simple, easy, fun and up-to-date way”.

Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/people/old-supermodel-daphne-selfe-launches-modelling-academy/

Daphne Selfe 1999 on the catwalk in long indigo sleeveless dress
Daphne Selfe 1999


Daphne Selfe black border

Daphne Selfe article Daily Mail logo by Jemma Buckley
Daily Mail Daphne Selfe 8th October 2015 by Jemma Buckley

Strutting down the catwalk, models these days tend to accessorise with a frown and a steely glare.

But now the world’s oldest model has told them to take a leaf out of her book – and cheer up.

Daphne Selfe, who started modelling in the 1950s, has lamented that today’s crop of youngsters walking the catwalk look miserable.

The 87-year-old told an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival that she enjoyed the experience of posing on the runway. She said she thought it a shame that the same pleasure is not reflected on the faces of today’s models which includes the likes of super-surly Cara Delevingne, 23.

Miss Selfe said: ‘I like prancing on the catwalk. They all look so sullen now, don’t you think? Why it is they all look so miserable? I always enjoy it. I don’t think you should grin at the audience but I do think you should look pleasant.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3264264/Why-catwalk-girls-glum-UK-s-oldest-model-87-tells-current-runway-stars-drop-sullen-stare-pleasant-gaze.html

Daphne Selfe kneeling in strapless swimsuit holding cigarette holder in 1950s
Daphne Selfe 1950s


Daphne Selfe black border

Oxford Times Logo - article Daphne Selfe - Blenheim Literary Festival
The Oxford Times – Daphne Selfe 17th September 2015 by Katherine MacAlister


I don’t know why they call me a supermodel, but they do,” Daphne Selfe laughs. “But I’m game for anything within reason and have to keep remembering I’m 87 and not 18 any more, and to work within my limits.” As Britain’s oldest supermodel, Daphne is enjoying her renaissance enormously.

Talking to me from her Hertfordshire home, she has recently returned from a fashion shoot in Sydney and also fronted a massive campaign for new High Street clothes label & Other Stories “I travelled first class all the way to Australia. It was such fun,” she says, “and the clothes were lovely, lots of Dior and Chanel.

Read more:



Daphne Selfe in Black & White Hat with split brim by Rosie Collins


Daphne Selfe black border



Sainsbury's Entertainment - Sainsbury's Logo - Daphne Selfe 21st September 2015 by Jonathon Pritchard-Barrett
Sainsbury’s Entertainment – Daphne Selfe 21st September 2015 by Jonathon Pritchard-Barrett


There is no mistaking Daphne Selfe, the world’s oldest supermodel, when you meet her. There’s the outfit – today, a pink mac with a petrol-rainbow sheen and a slightly gangsta flat-link neck chain beneath her plain blue top – and then there’s her cheekbones that are so killer they should probably be doing time.

Read more: https://www.sainsburysentertainment.co.uk/blog/interview-with-the-world-s-oldest-super-model-daphne-selfe/


The Way We Wore by Daphne Selfe cover photo


Daphne Selfe black border

Daphne Selfe Cosmopolitan India Logo
Cosmopolitan India Sept 2015 Daphne Selfe

We’ve Got A Hot Model On Our Radar: And She’s 86!

Age ain’t got nothin’ on this dame
With high cheekbones, flawless skin and workin’ that #grannyhair to perfection, we’re in love with Daphne Selfe. You guessed it, she’s still going at it. After working with everyone from Dolce & Gabbana, Nivea and Olay, she’s now modeling for Vans as well as for Other Stories new campaigns with a 22-year-old model (Clearly no fear there!)
Daphne’s had one helluva past, she wanted to be a horsewoman but ended up being a model instead: toughie, huh? She couldn’t follow her more equestrian dreams, so she created a new one – and, my god, she’s fab at it. She’s got more going for her than the average model – she’s a model with three kids, designs her own clothes and has a penchant for drawing and painting. No wonder she has 1200 Instagram followers – if you’re in your 80’s and look like that (without botox!) you deserve all of ’em and more!
Read more:

Daphne Selfe photo in halter neck dress brown/gold by Alistair Guy Cosmopolitan India Article

Cosmo Today India     By: Anmol Minhas  Sept 2015

Daphne Selfe black border


World of Wonder Logo - Daphne Selfe

Ah, the Timeless Elegance of 86-Year-Old Supermodel Daphne Selfe:

Meet the “world’s oldest supermodel,” 86-year-old Daphne Selfe, whose modeling career literally spans seven decades.

Selfe began modeling in the 1950s and went on to pose for Dolce & Gabbana, Nivea, Olay and even Vogue after the age of 70. The woman is the poster child for aging gracefully, though, so you wont find her in the plastic surgeon’s chair.

“I’ve never had anything done to my face,” Selfe once told the Daily Mail. “Not that poison, not a face-lift. I think it’s a waste of money. Anyway, I couldn’t afford it!” (via HuffPo)

Read more:


Daphne Selfe in black sunglasses & Gold Crosses necklace by Gary Heery


Daphne Selfe black border


The Observer logo Daphne Selfe article

Daphne Selfe - Hunger Magazine photo with gold necklace

Mail Online logo 12th July 2015 Liz Jones meets Daphne Selfe
Mail Online 12th July 2015 Liz Jones meets Daphne Selfe

Seven decades a supermodel: The world’s oldest working fashion model Daphne Selfe shares the secrets of her longevity with Liz Jones

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-3151951/Liz-Jones-meets-Daphne-Selfe-Seven-decades-supermodel.html#ixzz3fg7Kvo1g
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The Daily Mail: Liz Jones meets Daphne Selfe two photos - 1950/2013
The Daily Mail: Liz Jones meets Daphne Selfe


Daphne Selfe black border


Vogue Australia Logo Daphne Selfe article


Life lessons from one of the world’s oldest models

Vogue chats to Selfe about how the modelling industry has changed since she began her career, advice she would tell her younger self and more…..

Read more: http://www.vogue.com.au/fashion/news/life+lessons+from+one+of+the+worlds+oldest+models,37073

Daphne Selfe OPSM Campaign photographer Gary Heery Black framed glasses & black lace top
Daphne Selfe Australian Vogue OPSM Campaign photographer Gary Heery


Daphne Selfe black border


Viva New Zealand logo - Daphne Selfe July 2015
Viva NZ 1st July 2015

There’s no raw ingredient, fermented drink or alternative exercise class that keeps Daphne Selfe, who celebrates her 87th birthday today, looking young.

Read more:http://www.viva.co.nz/article/fashion/world-oldest-supermodel-daphne-selfe/

Daphne Selfe Viva NZ OPSM Campaign Red Lace Top, Black framed spectacles
Daphne Selfe Viva NZ OPSM Campaign Photographer Gary Heery


Daphne Selfe black border


Mail Online Logo 20th May 2015 Daphne Selfe
Daily Mail 17th April 2015

Daily Mail – Move over Cara! The world’s oldest supermodel, 86, proves she’s still got it as she lands new campaign for Vans and & Other Stories

Read more:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3041964/Move-Cara-world-s-oldest-supermodel-86-proves-s-got-lands-new-campaign-Vans-Stories.html#ixzz3afjx0c4I

& Other Stories Campaign Daphne Selfe & Flo Dron in Black polka dot blouses
& Other Stories Campaign – Daphne Selfe & Flo Dron


Daphne Selfe black border

Daily Express Logo 2nd Oct 2014 article Daphne Selfe
Daily Express 2nd Oct 2014

A lifetime of glamour: Daphne Selfe the world’s oldest supermodel

Read more:http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/style/517838/Daphne-Selfe-the-world-s-oldest-supermodel

Proctor & Gamble show Daphne Selfe, Beijing 2010 photographer Zu Trunk
Proctor & Gamble, Beijing 2010 Daphne Selfe                                                photographer Zu Trunk


Daphne Selfe black border .

Mail Online log 30th Sept 2014 Daphne Selfe article
Mail Online 30th Sept 2014

She’s still got it! Daphne Selfe – the world’s oldest model – lands new campaign at the age of 86

Daphne fronts Dare to Wear fashion campaign by intu Trafford Centre

Read more:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2774820/She-s-got-Daphne-Selfe-world-s-oldest-model-lands-new-campaign-86.html#ixzz3aftHBc6a

Dare To Wear Campaign - Daphne Selfe sitting in Red dress & Mirrors
Dare To Wear Campaign – Daphne Selfe


Daphne Selfe black border

Drapers Logo 24th July 2014 Daphne Selfe magazine cover
Drapers 24th July 2014

Drapers Womenswear Special: spring 15 preview

Daphne Selfe, the model who at 86 years old has been gracing the cover of magazines for more than 60 years, is fronting Drapers’ spring 15 Womenswear Special this week.


Drapers - Daphne Selfe - Magazine Cover in white top profile shot
Drapers – Daphne Selfe – Cover


Daphne Selfe black border

S Moda Logo 25th Jan 2014 Daphne Selfe Shoot
S Moda 25th Jan 2014

Daphne Selfe, la modelo cuya carrera despegó cuando cumplió 70

Ahora tiene 86 y Daphne Selfe sigue desmontando estereotipos y posando para las cámaras. Su espíritu vivaz y sus arrugas, que no borraría por nada del mundo, saben defender estilismos que muchos tildarían de prohibidos para una mujer de su edad


S Moda Daphne Selfe Magazine Cover Jan 2014 with ponytail & Gucci top
S Moda- Daphne Selfe – Cover


Daphne Selfe, la modelo cuya carrera despegó cuando cumplió 70

Daphne Selfe black border

The Independent Logo Daphne Selfe article 23rd Feb 2013
The Independent 23rd Feb 2013

My Secret Life: Daphne Selfe, 84, model


Daphne Selfe head & shoulders shot - I have great hopes of living to 100
Daphne Selfe – I have great hopes of living to 100


Daphne Selfe black border

Mail Online Logo Daphne Selfe 7th Nov 2013
Mail Online Daphne Selfe
7th Nov 2013

Silver-haired Miss Selfe has starred in countless catwalk extravaganzas, campaigns and magazine spreads during her career and recently appeared in Channel 4 documentary Fabulous Fashionistas which profiled some of the UK’s most glamorous pensioners.

Talking about her style she said: ‘I have and wear a lot of vintage clothes and it is how I have always dressed. I still have my ‘going away suit’ which I bought in Madrid in the ‘50’s.

‘It’s thick white brocade cotton and can be put in the washing machine. It’s had several ‘updates’ over the years but is still as good as ever and I would hate to part with it.

And her top tip for negotiating a visit to TK Maxx? ‘Definitely to go when you are feeling fit and energetic – there’s a lot of choice!’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2490473/Glamorous-pensioners-strut-stuff-TK-Maxxs-Christmas-ad.html#ixzz3oGaHil00


Daphne Selfe & Claire TKMaxx Campaign Oct 2013
Daphne Selfe with Claire TKMaxx Campaign Oct 2013


Daphne Selfe black border


Telegraph Logo Daphne Selfe Fabulous Fashionistas 2013

Meet six fabulous women – aged 73 and upwards – redefining what it means to be old

With an average age of 80, Bridget, Daphne, Jean, Gillian, Sue and Lady Trumpington are defying expectations of old age and have three things in common: to keep going, to look fabulous and to have fun, finds Louisa Peacock.


Daphne Selfe, Sue K & Lady T Fabulous Fashionistas
Sue Kreitzman, Daphne Selfe  & Lady Trumpington

Growing old in style: Sue, Daphne and Lady Trumpington are three of the ‘fabulous fashionistas’ redefining old age

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