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For right up to the minute news of Daphne and her latest work, including thoughts and secrets from her life in fashion modelling.  Beauty and style tips and all the latest on her online model school the Daphne Selfe Academy – Daphne News is the place to go.

“Daphne is enjoying connecting with people from all over the world with Daphne News and hopes that you will join her in sharing, spreading and discussing positive news about life as the years go by.  It doesn’t have to be something to dread but something to embrace – it really does.  No more believing the constant messages that it is going to be downhill and a life where you become slightly less visible or valuable with each passing day.  With Daphne as an example of creating a life that is the polar opposite of popular thinking.  One where a continual unfolding of experiences and  learning about ourselves and the world and people around us brings joy and happiness.  A world where our beauty, style, value and confidence increases each day.  Using Daphne as my role model this is how I want my life to be and I’m eagerly learning from her while I have to continually eliminate negative thoughts and habits and stop them creeping in – they don’t have to!  I’m replacing them with gloriously positive ones from Daphne”  – The Model Minder

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Daphne News
Daphne News

8 thoughts on “Sign up for Daphne News”

  1. I heard Daphne speak on Steve Wright’s radio show and looked her up. What an incredibly beautiful and elegant lady and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

  2. Delighted to see that a book is coming and hope it mentions Queen Anne’s Caversham and clothes during and after the War.

  3. Dear Daphne,
    Love your style , strength, and looks!
    I have been a model in the sixties and seventies and also worked a short period with Wilhelmina’s model agency.

    Kind regards, Elly

  4. I am honored and love the accomplishments Daphne has experienced! My mentor and dear friend! ❤️🌺🌷💐

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