Strong Women Alistair Guy

Strong Women

Strong Women: An exhibition celebrating women’s strength by photographer Alistair Guy.

Alistair says “Women mentally are terribly strong but they are also fragile. I believe there is an incredible beauty in this dichotomy. The Strong Women project is a celebration of femininity as well as a celebration of each person and their character, their personality.”

“Strong women came about because of Daphne being who she is; the fact she has worked for 60 years within the model industry and also does yoga every day alongside having a family. She is a wonderful woman and quite inspirational and has always astounded me and her publishing her biography last year entitled ‘The Way We Wore’ about her life in clothing sums this all up too.”

Strong Women
Strong Women Exhibition by Alistair Guy –

Daphne say’s “I think a strong person has confidence in themselves, how they look and what they can do (even if they are limited physically through age or disability).”

Shot in London, New York and Los Angeles, the photographs are powerful representations of womanhood in the fashion, film and music worlds and come with headline messages from the women themselves. Alongside Daphne Selfe are Hollywood stars such as Melanie Griffiths and her mother Tippi Hedren plus British Fashion stars Savannah Miller, Jade Parfitt, Daphne Guinness, Jan de Villeneuve, Tamsin Egerton and magazine founder Elizabeth von Guttman.  Other exceptional women included are Tilly Wood, Amy Manson, Lena Gora, Shruti Ganguly,  Greta Ballamacina, Martina Bjorn, Brix Smith-Start and Erin Tonkon.

Alistair Guy photographer Strong Women
Behind the scenes Daphne Selfe & Alistair Guy

Shot on film using only natural light, what makes this exhibition stand out is the incredible honesty in each of the photographs. Many of the subjects were shot in their homes or at places which held a personal significance to them.

What attributes make a strong women to you? 

Somebody who sticks at what they do and creates their dream.

Who are your inspirations in life?

“This is a personal project and all the subjects for me have been a pure inspiration. I have the pleasure of knowing them all. My mother of course is the main reason I’m here and many of the women involved (three of the subjects were pregnant at the time of the shoots) also have their own children too which add more to the strength of them all”.

“I wanted them to open up and allow me into their space, to capture an intimate portrait of them. I shot everything on film so it was as real and as truthful as I could possibly get. Film it is much more considered because you know you’ve got only ten shots on each roll to get that shot…”

Strong Women - by Alistair Guy
Savannah Miller – ‘I think strength is found in surrender and acceptance of self. True deep acceptance and belief leads to unimaginable strength.’
Strong Women by Alistair Guy
Melanie Griffith – ‘Strength for me is being able to live honestly. Living my truth and not making up a good story for myself. Daring to change every day to become closer to that Inner Self. That’s strong to me.’

The Strong Women Exhibition is currently at The Café Royal on Regent Street, one of the legendary homes of glamour at the heart of the West End. It runs from the 10th November until 21st December before transferring to the Zebra One Gallery in Hampstead.

What attributes make a strong women to you?                                  

Who are your inspirations in life?                                                                       

Do let me know in the comments below

Strong Women by Alistair Guy

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4 thoughts on “Strong Women”

  1. Of course to begin with, I wish I could view the exhibit in person but that’s not possible. I can imagine how moving it would be. Kudos to you for this marvelous effort.

    I came across Daphne on FB recently and was blown away by her beauty, confidence, strength and, more importantly, her willingness (eagerness even) to share all of this with others.

    I, too, am an older woman, widowed with a family consisting of five children, five grandchildren, a lizard and a dog. Pretty normal really. I have experienced all that life has to offer from a position of relative ease and priviledge but like all women have experienced the fears and fought the same battles against inequality, aging, redefinitions as we go through our different life phases…that last part…the redefining of ourselves as time and circumstance change is where Daphne comes in. Struggling (almost but not quite) successfully I found the final piece of the puzzle in her photos and words…in her spirit.

    My mother was my greatest inspiration. A woman before her time in business, homemaking, child-rearing and all aspects of womanhood. Until her last breath she exuded strength.

    What makes us strong? To me, strength comes from the very thing that sometimes condemns us…love. We have a huge capacity to love, to care, to empathize. Often, this wonderful capability can cause the greatest pain leaving lifetime scars and creating serious doubt in ourselves. Strength comes from being able to love without letting it self-destruct. To be able to stand back far enough to always stay objective but completely sympathetic. To be able to give without being left empty.

  2. I truly believe that since we only have one chance at this life we should….be kind….enjoy our family and friends….try not to think
    too much about our age but live it and enjoy that we are still
    here on earth to be near our family and friends. Try not to hurt anyone in case you don’t have a chance to say you are sorry.

  3. Hi
    I know a little about fashion industry. I felt nice reading about your article promoting differently able beautiful models. Even I’m too a patient I felt really nice about your innovative idea.

  4. As a former victim of domestic violence, I have now come out the other side after many struggles. I love being an independent, strong beyond belief woman who can make her own choices in life. I am very happy with my life and finding myself once again.

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