The Pool meets Daphne Selfe

The Pool meets Daphne Selfe

Fashion Model Daphne meets The Pool

Click here for 5 minute video of The Pool meets Daphne Selfe Fashion Model

The Pool meets Daphne Selfe – The Director’s Cut (11.50 minutes)

My name is Daphne Selfe and I’m from Models 1 and I’ve written a book called The Way We Wore.  And that’s my profile that way (turning head to the left) and that’s my profile that way (turning head to the right)! giggling  It’s what I do at auditions. And I usually smile and I’m usually serious.

What is it about fashion that you find so evocative?

I love dressing up.  I’ve always loved dressing up.  And of course fashion keeps changing into something new and also being a model takes you anywhere you can think of.  I’m very lucky.

Have we lost the sense of ‘dressing up’ in the modern day?

Yes, we’ve definitely lost it.  Nobody dresses up, even to go down the High Street now.  It’s very much do as you like now, isn’t it?  Casual clothing most of the time.  It was lovely watching Ascot last week because people were making an effort there.  And that’s nice, but then in my day you dressed up to go to Church.  You wore your hat and gloves and you wore a nice outfit.  You had a new hat for Easter – an Easter Bonnet.

People don’t dress up for special occasions now.  Or to go to the theatre or Wedding so much.  They do a bit more for Weddings, yes.  But on the whole people don’t dress up much now.

Has your personal way of dressing changed?

I dress more now for comfort.  And also I try and wear more colour because people always seem to be dressed in black these days.  It seems such a shame when there are all these lovely colourful things about and people don’t seem to wear them.  I know it’s probably a sort of uniform for going to work but even out of work they don’t seem to wear to much colour.

What did you learn at modelling school?

Nice, that was very nice, we learnt all sorts of things that nobody learns now like how to walk.  We had a book on our head and how to keep upright.  How to present yourself and do a three point turn on the catwalk and how to put on your makeup.  Because nobody made you up in those days.  You had to take all your accessories with you for a job.  You had to walk round all the photographers with what they called a ‘Z’ card.  Which was pictures of you in several positions on photographic card because there was no internet or anything like that.  You had to get on and present yourself at photographers and see if they wanted you to do any work.  Quite hard, quite hard, lots of shoe leather  involved.  (transcript 2 min 45 seconds of 11 min 50 seconds of video clip above)

and much more from the fashion model in the video link …….

Finishing with “I don’t do retiring – at least not yet anyway” and that’s still the case today!

For further information on my book click or tap The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes.

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3 thoughts on “The Pool meets Daphne Selfe”

  1. Congratulations! What a great interview and you look gorgeous, Daphne! It’s been an exciting 2016 since I completed your model’s workshop and my visit with you in April! I look forward to learning about all your ventures and the new ones yet to come!! Cheers to you and your successes! Hugs to Claire and the family!! Your US student and model….Irene 🌷💐♥️😘😘😘📸

  2. Daphne is a great inspiration and a glowing person inside and out!
    Gives us boomers hope !
    Thank you,

  3. Thank you Irene and I’m so glad things are going so well for you since completing the Academy. Do keep in touch and I’m looking forward to seeing you again before too long. Best wishes Daphne (& Claire say’s hello too)

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