The Queen and I

Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning queen in UK history with the 9th September 2015 marking 63 years on the throne.  The Queen is 89 years old, born in 1926 and is two years older than me and was crowned in 1953 after becoming Queen in 1952.  What you may not know is that I had been modelling for over 3 years by then, since I was 21 years old and won a competition to feature on the cover of the Reading Review,  which is now an unbelievable 66 years!

Of course there are some very noticeable differences between us:-

  • Elizabeth II is Queen and I am proud to be one of her humble subjects
  • I took a ‘career break’ to raise my family –  Elizabeth II has reigned continuously

As well as the decades and events we have experienced and lived through we also share the following:-

  • We both know the importance of looking good when you step out the door
  • We both love hats
  • We aren’t afraid to wear bold bright colours

Queen Elizabeth II loves horses and corgis – I love horses and cats!

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II and long may you reign.  I do hope you are enjoying your life and career still as much as I am!

Hasn’t life and times changed in ways we could never have imagined from when we were girls growing up in World War II?  From technology such as our websites and social media – aren’t the grandchildren a great help!  With news making headlines in minutes instead of days. To transport and flying around the world in quick time.

Wishing you many more years of faithful service and I shall keep modelling for as long as the bookings come in.

The Queen & I

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