A Time For Giving

Time For Giving

The Daphne Selfe Foundation

Time For Giving


The Daphne Selfe Foundation is something I’ve wanted to do for sometime now.  My vision to change peoples lives for the better, which I hope I’m doing already with my work, but I wanted to do something for those in a less fortunate position than many of us find ourselves.  A Foundation seems the perfect way to do this.  This way I will have a selection of charitable projects than I feel reflect my own principles and outlook which I can partner with.

Announcing my first partnership as we approach our festive time of giving – I’m delighted to let you know that I am an Ambassador for Orphans Know More (OKM) – supporting African families in Uganda who have adopted orphans into their own homes.  Many infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.  A big focus currently is on raising funds to educate the girls in particular and keep them in school where possible – very few girls in Uganda stay on for secondary school or go on to higher education.  OKM was founded by the Peachey Family 11 years ago.  Naomi Peachey, now 19, years old has been doing fantastic work with a project of her own – The Kalos project and I wanted to be involved.  Kalos from the Greek καλός meaning beauty: an outward sign of the inward good.  The Kalos Project takes its form as an Instagram Page and Facebook community photographing bold and beautiful women with no make-up and no digital touch-up.  During November The Kalos Project launched a No Make-Up Challenge partnering with OKM.  This raised  funds for 30 Primary school girls and 15 Secondary girls to continue their education for 1 year.   Beautiful, confident in her own skin, talented and determined Naomi is one to watch – I’m pleased to be involved and see what we can do together.  How many more girls can we help get educated!

You can find out more at:- www.orphansknowmore.com (UK registered charity no. 264078).  Naomi and I will be pleased if in this time of giving you would like to contribute directly to Orphans Know More or through my Daphne Selfe Foundation you can do so here

Orphans Know More

I put a percentage of my profits from running my courses and online income into The Daphne Selfe Foundation which contributes to Orphans Know More.

Time for giving

OKM / Daphne Selfe Foundation

For any last minute gifts have a look at my shop page and I’ll be letting you know more about my new Confidence Course in early January.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and see you in 2017

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