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True Confidence

True Confidence – Spring 2017 PIBE

“Let’s Play It By Ear” True Confidence
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Curious, optimistic and experienced, Daphne Selfe is the answer to your everyday inspiration.

True Confidence Ivakovos


Spanning sixty-seven years in the modelling industry, Daphne Selfe is a self-built wonder woman who has – and continues to – share her bright-eyed outlook. The supermodel, author and influencer has been photographed for various publications over the years making it to cover girl for CURVA, 125 and Drapers – to name a few. Daphne is the woman who aims to inspire people by imparting wisdom and life experience, and her story is the story of being “a happy, cheerful person” who is “always curious about the next adventure”.

True Confidence PIBE Iakovos

Raised from a strong background, Daphne oozes a certain tranquillity and humbleness that only adds to her beauty. Her head strong nature, she tells us, is a result of being “blessed with good parents, genes and a loving yet strict upbringing” and “I had to make the best of everything as I was brought up in the war and I had to ‘get on with it’”. With a lifetime of adventures already under the belt, Daphne travels and locks down exciting projects whilst still owning the runway – her most recent success being her book ‘The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes’and many more projects to be revealed soon that are in the pipeline.

“I was just propelled into the fashion industry by circumstances”

Daphne’s modelling career kicked off when she was at the age of twenty-one as a result of winning a local magazine cover girl competition – post Second World War. Contrary to Daphne’s idea of beauty existing irrespective to physical attributes, she has excelled in the industry and is now rewarded the title of ‘The Oldest Supermodel in the World’ admitting “I was just propelled into the fashion industry by circumstances” she continues “It was my love of clothes and dressing up, and meeting lots of interesting people like artists and designers”.

Iakovos - PIBE True Confidence

“age in my case has been an advantage… Younger people seem to want to be like me when they grow old!”

With age just being a number, Daphne stands tall and proud, and continues to blossom as she takes the fashion industry by storm quipping “age in my case has been an advantage… Younger people seem to want to be like me when they grow old!”. The role-model promotes a sense of positive mental well-being and encourages her fans in various ways to regain confidence and maintain faith – that’s more than often lost. Her creed for keeping herself in check and balanced is by engaging in hobbies that stimulate calming effects such as gardening, painting, knitting, cooking and being around her friends.

In current society, there’s an obvious contrast to everyday life in comparison to the ‘60s with the presence of technology being so dominant. And Daphne, having lived through a war and existing pre-Facebook era, has seen both sides of the spectrum. In terms of Social media, we asked Daphne if the existence of platforms – say Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc – have been pivotal in reshaping our mind-sets and mental stability: “social media must shrink confidence in people” adding “as people do not communicate with each other enough now except through the internet”.

True Confidence Iakovos

PIBE:In tune with this issue’s theme ‘MENTALLY STRONG’, if you could define mentally strong in one word what would it be?

DAPHNE: Resilient.

Words / JESSIE PINK : Photographer / IAKAVOS : Stylist / SARA DUNN : Hair / MAKI TANAKA : Makeup / JO FROST

How resilient are you?  Does this word strike a chord with you?  How confident are you and would you say that you have true confidence? Do let me know in the comments below:-

2 thoughts on “True Confidence”

  1. Hi Daphne,
    I love the article and your poses. Thanks for sharing.
    I think that I am more confident than resilient. My confidence has been tested, but my resilience not as much. I had strong parents who were very strict. Their approval helped me gain confidence, but I challenged myself to earn my Doctorate in Education and become a secondary school teacher. I hope that if I have to face a major crisis, that I would be resilient .

  2. Not too long ago I was visiting an old friend in a care facility. She is a spirited 98. We were talking about our pasts and the less glamorous (in some cases tragic) experiences we have gone through at various phases of our lives. She turned to me and said “…you are a true warrior”. I asked her what she meant and when she gave me her answer I realized some qualities I possessed that I hadn’t been fully aware of and honestly felt very proud of myself.

    Her response basically described how the many heartaches have not affected my outlook on life. I have taken pain (both physical and emotional) and used it to transform each day into an opportunity for looking outward rather than withdrawing inward thus always open to others. A kind of “blind faith” that I embrace no matter the possibility of being “wounded” yet again.

    At seventy years of age I now feel free of the need to meet other people’s view of who I am and what I do. I love people but I don’t rely on them to complete who I am. People are simply another way learning. Like books, they contain much information. The give-and-take between myself and another is a joy to me…a reaffirmation of life at it’s fullest.

    Just one area that puzzles me in the sense of not being able to get a handle on it is the weight issue…always a few pounds over my ideal…it’s the way clothes hang on my body that sometimes isn’t quite right and just a few pounds makes a very big difference. This is the only place where my confidence waivers. Still working on it .

    As always, Daphne, keep up the great work you do. Health and contentment be yours.

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