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WORK – I don’t think so!

On the catwalk

Last week I ‘walked’ at London Fashion Week in the Fashion Industry’s first official event for the older woman, 50PlusFW put on by J D Williams in the beautiful Cafe Royal, London.  It was so good to ‘strut my stuff’ and feel so alive on the catwalk and well as witnessing things changing little by little for the better for us all.

Daphne Selfe 50PlusFW catwalk

This year’s Daphne Selfe Academy, my online modelling course is now underway with students from around the World as far as Australia.  I’m sure we are going to have a great 6 weeks together.

With speaking engagements to discuss my book at Bath Literary Festival and the V&A, the world’s leading museum in art and design coming up, who said life has to slow down?  If you are doing what you love it never feels like work, it’s a great pleasure and privilege and so energising too!

All those times in my 60s as my husband Jim’s health declined and I had no idea of what was to be ahead.  I like to think he’d be proud of me if he’s looking down on me today.

I know that it is not always possible to do exactly what you want but do try and make time for something you really love each day even if it’s a snatched 15 minutes.  Being truly yourself and giving yourself expression combined with embracing every small opportunity that comes along could well lead onto something wonderful and enriching for yourself and others.  Dreams in the making!

Please do comment below and share with your friends as I’d love to hear from you and know if you agree.

9 thoughts on “WORK – I don’t think so!”

  1. Daphne this is all so true
    I started my modeling work when I was 60 years old, and I like it a lot,I come everywhere also out of The Netherlands such as Capetown,France,Belgium,Germany etc.
    and I hope to go on, many many years still.I am now 75 years old.
    anne senior model from the netherlands

  2. Dear Daphne,
    Jim would be delighted with your incredible life!
    I met you at the Actors’ Benevolent Fund Christmas party and we had a brief chat during which you suggested I was too heavy and that that was not good for my health, of course I knew this and far from being offended I was inspired by your words and your presence and radiant health, I’d like you to know that I have lost 12lbs this year and aim to lose another 2 stone so that I will be considered a healthy weight, I have also cut back on my alcohol consumption aiming to try to only drink socially and I have also cut back on meat!
    I have been buying veggie and vegan cookbooks and experimenting with new ingredients.
    I am feeling much more positive!
    Thank you for your encouraging words and the regular newsletters,
    Kind regards

  3. I love receiving your emails, they are always uplifting and inspiring especially when one is feeling a little ‘down’ as I was today.

  4. Dear Daphne,
    you are such an adorable woman, I fear my english is not good enough to express really how I admire you. Your husband looks down and he is very prowd! You give so much hope to us “older” 50plus women to start NOW our colourfull life!!! Yeah lets get started….
    Wish you all the best and thank you for sharing.
    Big hug for you from germany
    Annette prowd to be 56????

  5. Dear Kim,
    I’m glad you like my Daphne News and I’m sorry to hear you were feeling down. Hope tomorrow is better!

  6. Dear Katherine,
    This is super news and a great achievement – well done you. I do love those Christmas Parties! I shall look forward to seeing the ‘new you’ at the next one if not before.
    Best wishes Daphne

  7. Thank you Anne and it is lovely to hear about your modelling work. Isn’t the travelling fun? I do enjoy it so much. Daphne

  8. Dear Daphne,
    It is so great that you are modeling! You are really so inspiring! I ,
    Myself will be 60 in a few weeks. I used to model here and there about 12 years ago. I’m thinking of possibly getting back into it.
    The possibilities are here!
    Thank you for your confidence , grace and beauty.

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