I’m Daphne Selfe – model, a person full of curiosity and optimism, as I have been for most of my 90 years.

My desire is to inspire you to embrace all stages of your life and truly believe it gets better and better – it really can, even though you may have been told otherwise!

I continue to model, travel the world and have new adventures. My intention is to encourage and build confidence through passing on my knowledge and experience.

I am sharing my legacy through:


Wonder Claire – Super Sixty

 Wonder Claire - Super Sixty What do we mean, Wonder Claire - Super Sixty? Well, Claire has just reached her milestone sixtieth birthday. Daphne: This has been a big deal for Claire and one that she is very much enjoying. You might be surprised by this,...

Signature Look

SIGNATURE LOOK   What is your signature look? Do you have a clear look that you are happy with or does it need some refining? Plus why knowing it can be an advantage!  A signature look can be anything you like. For example, it could be a particular colour...

Reinvent Yourself

REINVENT YOURSELF OR NOT - IS IT THE TIME? Is it time to reinvent yourself or not! When should you reinvent, adapt or update your style and when to keep to your trusted signature look. Like many things in life there are no hard and fast rules and many of...


Natural beauty is largely what shines out of you, irrespective of your physical attributes and circumstances. It’s in your eyes, attitude, poise and attention to those around you. There are rules which I find are mainly untaught that I can teach you.

  • No more wondering where and how do I get started in modelling
  • Or who can I turn to and trust
  • Had enough of feeling invisible
  • It’s all over and downhill from now on – I say nonsense to that!

Modelling since 1949 with no signs of stopping. As long as I am booked to model, I shall keep turning up