I’m Daphne Selfe – MODEL, a person full of curiosity and optimism, as I have been for most of my 90+ years.

My desire is to inspire you to embrace all stages of your life and truly believe it gets better and better – it really can, even though you may have been told otherwise!

I continue to model, travel the world and have new adventures. My intention is to encourage and build confidence by passing on my knowledge and experience.

I am sharing my legacy, with my daughter Claire’s help, through:




The Rise Of The Queenager Stella Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph 6th June 2021Did you see the last Daphne News: Harrods? If not you can catch it HEREGet signed up for Daphne News and get Daphne's top Style and Beauty Tips and other information that we only send by...



Harrods Christmas Magazine - a days work is a treat in 2020!   Harrods Christmas Magazine - a days modelling work is a treat in 2020! This year has not been a year that any of us could have foreseen. The majority of us have been affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic...

So Wrong

So Wrong

I WAS SO WRONG  I was so wrong but let me give you a bit of background first. It was a while back now: Daphne and I had only been together once in the last 5 months on her 92nd Birthday on 1st July. This was as England’s lockdown was relaxed a bit and we could meet in...

Daphne Selfe - Model | modelling since 1949
Natural beauty is largely what shines out of you, irrespective of your physical attributes and circumstances. It’s in your eyes, attitude, poise and attention to those around you. There are rules which I find are mainly untaught that I can teach you.

  • No more wondering where and how do I get started in modelling
  • Or who can I turn to and trust
  • Had enough of feeling invisible
  • It’s all over and downhill from now on – I say nonsense to that!

Modelling since 1949 with no signs of stopping. As long as I am booked to model, I shall keep turning up


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The Daphne Selfe Academy

 6-week online modelling course 

Learn from Daphne with her daughter Claire


Learn all the skills you need to be a model – Let Daphne guide you to discover your strengths and how to make the most of them.

Benefit from the lessons Daphne was taught in the 1950s which are still as relevant today. They are rarely taught and when combined with the knowledge and tips Daphne has gathered throughout her unique career they are powerful and life-changing.

Discover how the modelling industry works and how to navigate it to be a successful model in today’s world. 

Complete this course and become part of Daphne’s International Model Family with Daphne and Claire to support, offer advice, give feedback and share in your ongoing journey. 




Daphne Selfe modelling since 1949
Model Daphne Selfe

The Selfe Confidence Course

Daphne and Claire Selfe’s

4-week online course

Be confident – feel beautiful


A lack of confidence or wanting more confidence is something we see and hear about all the time. Daphne know’s a lot about it after all her years of experience and the life she has been lucky to lead.

Covering various different areas and ways to improve your confidence including your posture, style, makeup, exercise, diet and more.

People are often asking how to approach ageing, weight, hair, clothing and diet you may be asking what kind of transformation to expect?

We believe that if you give attention to different areas of your life, many times in just small ways, these changes can lead to big differences and give you a totally new experience of yourself.



We have a vision of the world where we are all feeling and looking our best and are full of enthusiasm and energy.  The best way to pass on this special knowledge and fit in today’s world with our busy schedules is to do it online!


Get yourself some extra SELFE CONFIDENCE 

Daphne Selfe - Model holding her memoir The Way We Wore


THE WAY WE WORE: A Life in Clothes

Daphne Selfe’s Autobiography


Available in English, Japanese and Chinese


Daphne Selfe has been photographed by Mario Testino, Nick Knight and David Bailey. She has modelled for Dolce and Gabbana, Red or Dead and high-street chains such as TK Maxx, and regularly appears in newspaper fashion pages and glossy magazines. She is one of Britain’s most in-demand supermodels and has worked non-stop for over twenty years. But what makes her really rather extraordinary is that she is now in her nineties.

The Way We Wore is a heart-warming account of that love affair, taking readers from the organdie party frocks of a 1930s childhood to the pages of Vogue.

Let Daphne’s story inspire you to make the most of life


Henley Royal Regatta 1950 & 2015

Daphne Selfe - Model | modelling since 1949

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