Daphne Selfe born 1st July 1928 is 90 years young this weekend.

Daphne managed for the last twenty years by Models 1 Europe’s top modelling agent has taken a major role in the changing world of fashion as it has diversified and become an icon in her own right. Showing that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages.  To be beautiful does not mean you need to look like a teenager even if there is one lurking just beneath the skin as in Daphne’s case.


Daphne Selfe has been photographed by Mario Testino, Nick Knight and David Bailey. She has modelled for Dolce and Gabbana, Red or Dead and high-street chains such as TK Maxx, and regularly appears in newspaper fashion pages and glossy magazines. She is one of Britain’s most in-demand models and has worked non-stop for the last twenty years – and continues to do so. But what makes her really rather extraordinary is that she is now about to start her tenth decade.

In her memoir The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes published in English, Japanese & Chinese you’ll learn more about her in the heart-warming account of her love affair with fashion and modelling amongst many other things, taking readers from the organdie party frocks of a 1930s childhood to the pages of Vogue.

If you’ve read it you’ll know that Daphne shares a wealth of anecdotes from her peripatetic childhood, following her teacher father from school to school, from her modelling career, which began as a department store house model, and from her long and happy marriage. The result is a vivid and inspiring memoir from a woman who has always embraced life and who continues to do so with as much zest as in her first decade. 

Now embarking on her 10th decade she has kicked it off with a celebration in London, her favourite and much-loved city of her birth. Hosted by The Century Club on their stunning roof terrace

Celebrating her 90th Birthday surrounded as you’d expect by her family: three children Mark, Claire & Rose. Four grandchildren, Jack, Alec, Grace & Robin (all carving out exciting adventurous lives as they’ve learnt to grab life and live it to the full like their grandmother. Plus an eclectic mix of close friends from across the years of all ages, types and fields of society. Friends from a lifetime love of the arts & theatre. What party can’t benefit from a smattering of glamorous Lady Ratlings? The show business members of the sister charity of The Grand Order of Water Rats set up in 1889 and known for it’s unselfish giving to those less fortunate of which Daphne is a member. Representatives from her modelling family including her bookers and members of her own Modelling School The Daphne Selfe Academy which Claire runs with her. From 15 year old Zoe to Fashion Blogger Wendy flying in from LA especially. Daphne’s favourite photographer Alistair Guy who along with Mark, Claire & Rose hosted this special event. Plus people from all walks of life from make-up artists to equine experts, local friends in the British Legion, artists from St Ives, farmers and neighbours.

Daphne loves purple and is known for her long silver hair so the dress code unsurprisingly was a splash of purple and silver with Daphne resplendent in a dress made by daughter Rose – colour purple of course!  There she was celebrating 90 years young on the Roof Terrace of The Century Club (Virtue drinks) – With a name like that perhaps we should start planning her 100th at the same location!

‘I don’t do retiring,’ says Britain’s oldest supermodel Daphne Selfe on her 90th birthday

Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine article with front page cover – what better way for Daphne to continue celebrating after her fabulous party

Read the article here

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