A Birthday Routine

Today, 1st July 2015 is my 87th Birthday and I shall be celebrating in my favourite way at Henley Royal Regatta.  Wonderfully the English weather is forecast to be a sunny 31 degrees Celsius.  Wearing a big hat and a carefully chosen outfit I will be celebrating with my family and friends.  The first time I attended the famous rowing regatta was early in my modelling career as a muse for the photographer Gilbert Adams in 1950.  I wore an outfit I had made myself and was very pleased with the result.  It feels good to dress up and wear something you feel confident and comfortable in.

The years may pass by but some things have never changed – my love of dressing up in an elegant way,  wearing a fabulous hat, being in loving company in a beautiful and glamorous setting.

Celebrate with me by making a stylish, bold and colourful statement with your next outfit choice.

With many blessings