Model Requirements

Today my life as a model consists of hopping on a train, plane or into a car with my mobile phone, iPad mini with portfolio downloaded, a lipstick, purse and my keys in my handbag.  I’m wearing neutral coloured underwear, my usual makeup and my hair is securely done up in a clip. I’m wearing a comfy pair of flats and I’m ready for the day ahead.  It wasn’t always like this, model requirements have changed a lot……

Daphne Selfe in mid 1970s. Model requirements

Daphne Selfe  mid 1970s.

Modelling in 1949 up into the 1990s was so very different!

  • I’d have my heavy A3 portfolio to carry around
  • A large bag of makeup which I’d do myself – no makeup artists on hand then
  • Plenty of hair products, clips and accessories – no hair stylists either
  • A range of underwear, stockings, suspender belts, girdles and slips etc in black, white & beige
  • An assortment of shoes in a variety of styles, colours and heel heights
  • As large a collection of accessories as I could manage from jewellery, scarves, belts, bags and hats

All to be carried in a large holdall or case – no wheelie bags back then to simple pull behind you!

Modelling today in this respect is so much easier and I do enjoy all the care and attention from the stylists, hair and makeup artists.

What advances have you seen in your life that you are grateful for? I’d love to know so please do comment below and share with your friends.