A Good Eyebrow – Do Eyebrows Really Matter?


A good eyebrow makes a big difference to a face. Think of eyebrows as a frame for your face. Giving definition to your eyes and enhancing your other features. Daphne and Claire really do think they matter more than you may think.

How do I know how my eyebrows should be and if I need to alter them?

Eyebrows should follow in a natural curve over each eye along the brow bone and socket. To find where yours are best situated hold a finger or pencil vertically against the side of your nose. Placing the tip where your brow starts hold still against your nostril and swing outwards. This will track the line of your natural brow line.  Repeat for the other side. 


Can I change my eyebrow line?

You can change your eyebrow line but try to leave the top line alone if you can. Keep changes to the underneath to give a lifted healthy look.

Thick wide brows can be narrowed or shaped into a slightly different arch. 

Pluck hair at the top of the nose if you have a unibrow or to widen the gap between them.

In most cases, Mother Nature knows best with a little added maintenance.

Regular grooming

A little bit of regular grooming makes a difference:

Trim long hairs with small scissors so they’re all the same length. Use a finger or small brush (a clean mascara wand or toothbrush) push the hairs up or down so you can see the extra long ones easily. Brush back into place after trimming. 

Pluck out the occasional grey hair. They can be coarser and stand out. Take them out with tweezers.

Remove fine hair underneath to define the brow hairline. Using tweezers, threading or waxing.

If you make a mistake don’t despair as in most cases the eyebrow hair will grow back in around two months.


Enhance your eyebrows

Choose a soft matt eye shadow in the shade you want. Slightly softer than your natural shade if your hair colour is dark and use a darker shade if your hair is a light shade. Apply with a small makeup brush in little strokes (like hairs) can fill out thin or thinning brows. Eyebrows often thin as the years go by. 

Use an eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows more striking as part of your daily makeup routine. 

Light hair can be tinted a darker shade to stand out more or to match or contrast with your hair colour. This will last for a few weeks. Or you can have them tattooed with semi-permanent dye to last for much longer.

How important are good eyebrows? It can make a big difference to how you look and feel. Anyone who has lost their eyebrows for health reasons knows from first-hand experience what it’s like to have none.  The above tips can help and be used in this situation or go for a no-eyebrow look as a style statement with confidence.

We were thrilled that Daphne Selfe Academy students Alison & Jane came to see Daphne at Stella Live. Alison had her brows done at the show and this is a picture of her post brow work. They both had a wonderful day and loved spending time with Daphne (see below)

Tips and questions


What eyebrow tips to you have?

Or eyebrow disasters you wish you’d avoided? Do let us know in the comments as we’d love to hear.


Daphne enjoyed her Stella Live interview with Lisa Armstrong at the Saatchi Gallery in London

She didn’t expect to be featured on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph the following day!

In a dress by Roksanda and Goya shoes   

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