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Daphne Selfe Academy Feedback

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My daughter was approached by a modelling agency ‘scout’ whilst out shopping.  The whole idea of modelling was completely alien to us and we were unsure if this was a genuine opportunity so decided to research the modelling industry in more detail.  However, we did not know where to start, there did not seem to be anything available and then we saw the launch of Daphne’s Academy and decided to enrol our daughter on the course. 

It was an enormous help to us and we were able to set her up with a fantastic grounding and insight into the modelling world. This has given her, my husband and I, a much better understanding of the business and been a great boost to her confidence. 

She is really excited about being part of this wonderful group.

We wish Daphne every success in providing the knowledge and support for aspiring models everywhere.

Fantastic idea!                                                              

 Mrs C


I really enjoyed Daphne’s online course.  

Each week gave useful information and tips about how to prepare for the world of modelling.  It has helped me to believe in myself and has built my confidence enormously.  Daphne taught me and got me thinking about things I hadn’t considered before.  Things such as how to stay professional and keep safe – for which I and my family are very grateful.  

Instead of being terrified I am looking forward to my next modelling agency appointment, feeling slightly nervous, as you’d expect, but mainly excited and hopeful about my future.

Thank you for answering all my questions and letting me be part of your Model Family.  

I would definitely recommend Daphne’s Academy to anyone interested in modelling.                                                   



The Daphne Selfe Academy is Unique – I’ve never done one like it!

I enjoyed the course very much. Timeless beauty of Daphne and being close to high fashion will help me to become the best version of myself. 

Thanks to routines I will better organise my life so I could exercise, eat well and become beautiful. Daphne gave me confidence to make changes in my life. 

Thinking about the success which Daphne achieved I want to put my passions first so I could do something with my life in the areas I enjoy. 

Thinking about my next steps.             

 Best wishes, Marzena


I am in my fifties age where you can start to feel invisible and Daphne shows you how to be beautiful at any age . The course gave me confidence and hope and determination not to “fade away” . 

I am not a model but do have to do public speaking and you tube filming and now I feel more confident and carefree about being in front of the camera . Even my selfies are better! I no longer feel apologetic for being a bit older than your average presenter and am enjoying the skin I am in ! 

The course comes over six weeks which gave me time to really think it over and start to make changes . I looked forward to each new week . 

Daphne is an inspiration – And the course was very friendly and encouraging .                                                                             



Daphne provides a wealth of experience and good sense from her 6 decades modelling – no one could know the business better!  The course combines it all in one place and will set you up for life whatever you want to do.

When I think of models I mostly think of the stereotypical slim young girl with perfect features and proportions.  Daphne not only tells you how to model but to consider the type of model you are going to be.  For someone like myself who is wheelchair bound it hadn’t occurred to me to think of myself in that way.

What Daphne is saying is that everybody is beautiful and has something to offer and includes us all in her Model Family.  Her course is just as relevant to me and I got just as much out of it as a teenager starting out who is pursuing a full-time modelling career. 

With each week the results showed immediately.  My physio commented on how improved my posture is in my wheelchair and was both impressed and pleased with the benefits it gives my health and wellbeing.  I have always been someone who has loved style and fashion but I’ve never really thought of myself as model material even when I was fully able but now I have a new lease of life and confidence.  When my local boutique were advertising for models I thought “why not me!

Plus I feel so differently about the opportunity to be photographed for our in-house magazine.  I know what to do and have tips and practices in my head to call on – I say to myself “Do a Daphne” as the camera faces me.

I was surprised at Daphne’s keeping healthy and eating properly routines as I thought she’d be saying you have to starve yourself for two weeks before any bookings.  Instead she has tips and advice such as how not to flag before the end of a busy day.

You get accreditation at end of the course.  A tangible certificate to put in your portfolio for all to see you are taking your career seriously and are fully committed to what you are doing and know how to behave properly.

After finishing the course I couldn’t believe she was happy to spend time with me and personally present me with my certificate which I have proudly displayed on my wall.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course and had huge fun practising my poses.  

Everything is taught in a non-preachy way.  Sound good advice like you would get from your Granny and not a teacher.  But this ‘Granny’ is saying “Look, I’m still doing it”.

I enjoyed seeing pictures of Daphne throughout her career and see her ability to look appealing whatever her age.

A model has to have the skills and confidence to be looked at constantly by other people whether through a camera or directly.  Most of us go for job interviews and want to present the best of ourselves and make a good first impression.  In everyday life things have become more and more visual for all of us – just think how many selfies we all take!  If you’re thinking about doing the course I can tell you you will be so happy you did and have no regrets.

Daphne has been ‘looked at’ her whole life and there isn’t a trace of conceit about her just her timeless grace.

The Daphne Selfe Academy is taught with the same beautiful grace 

Thank you Daphne,                                                  

 Love Cathy


This was a dream come true!! The Daphne Selfe Workshop was so motivating and informative! I wanted to get that from a highly respected expert and I got way much more than that!! 


My name is Karina and I’ve done the Daphne Selfe Academy course.

The course provides you with all the essentials that you need before you go out and start your modelling career.  I feel confident, I feel ready and I feel like I’ve got the emotional stability and the practical skills and the practical understanding of what it means to work as a model.

The bit I enjoyed most about the course was getting to know Daphne.  It’s a really personal course (.33) and she gives you all of her life experiences and all of her life skills.  It makes you feel as if you’re ready and living the experience.

Even if I put modelling aside the course has given me so much confidence and so much self worth and believe in myself.  I walk differently, I stand differently, I speak differently and I look people in the eye.  The course is just fantastic people skills.

What surprised me most about the course is how Daphne is just always there for me.  It’s so personal and it feels like everything is just tailor made to me.


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