Daphne’s Professional Modelling Course

The Daphne Selfe Academy is an online professional modelling course.  It is full of the knowledge and wisdom that Daphne has gained over her long career and successful life.  It is her wish to pass it on to you in an easy and accessible way so you can benefit from her experience. Whether you want to be a model, learn about the modelling industry, update yourself or gain confidence Daphne can help. #beyourownselfe






Excitedly, I’m here with Daphne Selfe the World’s Oldest Working Professional Model.  I’m here to talk to her about the Daphne Selfe Academy.  So tell me, Daphne, what is the Daphne Selfe Academy. “This is an online academy and tutorial to help you learn all about modelling and how to be a model.  How the industry works.  You do it in your own home on your own or with friends and you can do it wherever you are, in this country or abroad”. So everything you could possibly need to know about modelling from Daphne’s long experience of over 66 years modelling is in the Academy. “When I was young I had three weeks training at my agency and so I learnt a lot of things models don’t get taught today and I want to impart that to all of you who take this course”. So for further information please log on to www.daphneselfe.com and look at the Academy pages. Enrol now Daphne is so looking forward to you joining her on her next Academy.




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