Act your age – is this something to take seriously?  What does it actually mean?

Recently, you may have seen that I filmed a fun video called Freaky Friday with Steven Tai for fashion blog Because London.  The basis of the film is:-

It’s a late Friday afternoon and Daphne Selfe is getting ready for a night out. No time for an afternoon tea for Daphne – she gets her weekend mojo going with a beer in hand and a quick touch up. No rest for the wicked – but plenty for her granddaughter.

Filming with young model Tamara we swap our roles as the often typical teenager and 80+ year old.  It is a lighthearted way at looking at the different accepted roles that generations have – we can often feel that we should or ought to act a certain way because of our age don’t we?  Does it have to be this way? It’s a good question and I often see people who have sort of given up on life and become old or those who are trying too hard to stay young.  I still feel inside the same as I’ve always felt as a person and I hope that you do too.  I love to have friends of a wide range of ages which does help to keep me young and alive.

What does ‘act your age’ actually mean?
It usually means to behave more maturely and is often a rebuke for someone who is acting in a childish way.  Said to a child who is acting like an even younger child maybe it is reasonable.  For most of us it is easy to lose touch with our ‘inner child’ or our inherent childlike qualities of playfulness, joy and wonder at the world around us.  
Holding on to a youthful outlook can be a good thing so don’t let yours disappear and throw in a dash of maturity and elegance for good measure.

Because London and Steven Tai present “Freaky Friday” Autumn/Winter 2016, a riposte to anyone who urges you to act your age. Sit back, watch closely, and dress exactly as old as you feel.

See the video here:-

Never to be too old for a bit of a dance…

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Do you ‘Act Your Age’ and are there things that really work for you or things you struggle with?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below:-

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