The Model Minder – Do you operate alone or as a team?

You may have heard me talk about The Model Minder and how I couldn’t manage without her.

I wanted you to hear from her directly so here is The Model Minder:-

Hello, I’m Claire, who Daphne calls The Model Minder.  I’m Daphne’s oldest daughter so I’ve known Daphne my entire life.  With people closest to us it’s not unusual to take for granted the lessons, wisdom and what they have imparted to us as just a common thing and assume “doesn’t everyone else know that?” Mostly, we don’t think about the uniqueness of who they are and of what they bring us.  And we certainly don’t always appreciate how special their gift to us is.  Maybe we don’t take the time to realise that not everyone has the same opportunity to shape their life from an early age with the skills, routines, outlooks and behaviours without considering that not everyone else has the same from their mothers and role models.  I was guilty of this until recently.

Once I had my own children, my twin sons, I started to value more what my mother had done for me – this seems to be a normal revelation and insight in many of our lives at this stage of life.  Of course, I was super busy and even more so after the early death of my husband Dick when our boys were 6 years old.  The next phase of my life was devoted to trying to be the best parent I could be and raise my family as best I could.  As my boys became more independent and forging their own paths in life (I’m so proud of the men they are becoming) I began to muse about what my ‘next chapter’ would be.

It was important for me that whatever I chose would be meaningful and make a difference in the world, whether that was for a few or many.  As I began to think about what I might do Daphne was saying how often she was being asked for her story but had also been told no one would want to publish her book as it wasn’t a disaster story or full of sex and drugs and rock n roll – something passionate stirred inside of me as I thought to myself “that’s just not right as many of us are inspired by Daphne and would love to read her story!”  Plus I thought here is a place where I could be of value.  I could get my business skills updated for today’s world.  So I made the decision that I would help Daphne produce her memoir for Daphne’s four grandchildren if no one else!  We found a publisher and the rest is history. Now published in English, Japanese & Chine!  One thing led to another and we now have our two online courses. The 6-week modelling course the Daphne Selfe Academy, Daphne’s Confidence Course to gain more confidence and feel more beautiful. Daphne News a bi-monthly blog and Daphne’s memoir The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes published in both English, Japanese and Chinese.  With other exciting things we are working on together, I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been and how easy and delightful Daphne is to work with and I’m loving getting to know the students in Daphne’s Model Family and her many fans around the world.  Working with my mother is something that had never occurred to me before.  Isn’t it funny how sometimes the next chapter in life or major decision is there right in front of you but you didn’t realise and had no idea until the time is right and it’s just the most perfect thing.  

Thank you, Claire, for introducing yourself and to those students who have gone through The Daphne Academy Modelling Course and The Selfe Confidence Course have been fortunate to know Claire already.  For those of you coming on one of my next courses you will be pleased to know that it’s not just me to look after you and that Claire and I come as a team.

Do you come alone or as part of a team?  Do let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear and please do share with your family and friends.


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Surprisingly, I find myself at the start of an unexpected journey – feeling excited! Rallying call to us mid-lifers with much life to live and adventures and dreams to fulfill. I do hope you will follow my progress!

Claire X

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