RELAX – Art By Daphne

What do you do to relax?  I do think it’s good to have something you do for only yourself and not to please anyone else.  Right from a young age I’ve loved to draw and paint.  Art By Daphne has existed for almost as long as me!

I can remember doodling sprawled out in front of the open fire or under the old apple tree, absorbed in my own world focussing only on what I was doing and nothing else. It’s the same today although with slightly less sprawling!  Plus the reason I still paint is for my own enjoyment.

Daphne at Art Class

I’ve moved on from only sketching horses (I was horse mad) in pencil and love all mediums from charcoal, oil, watercolour, pastels and my current favourite acrylic.  I mainly paint at home in my light filled conservatory sitting at the table.  I love the idea of a peaceful time sketching while I’m on my travels but that rarely happens and the best I can do is take a photograph or two for inspiration for when I’m back home.

For many years now I have turned my art into greeting cards for family and friends and in more recent years for my local community. They have been continually popular and I’ve quite a selection now.  I’ve been encouraged to make them available for those of you further afield. Here are 6 that I’ve selected to share with you and purchase if you like for yourself or to give as gifts to your friends and family.

Art by Daphne Notelets

Now do please let me know which is your favourite one and what creations and past times you enjoy for relaxation in the comments below.

For further information and to purchase a pack or two go to my new online shop page.