Autumn Gold



There is lots happening this Autumn where do we start?  Firstly, Daphne was thrilled to be out on the catwalk. Although not quite so delighted to be barefaced and barefooted!  As you know Daphne is a great advocate for a little makeup at all times. But we think the results speak for themselves – amazing!


Alighieri Jewellery Catwalk Show



In London this Autumn we have just had London Fashion Week.  Alighieri Jewellery held its first catwalk show to show its spring/summer 2020 collection. The casting included models aged from 18 to 91 – no guessing who the 91-year-old was? The idea of the show was to go on a journey to discover “Where is Home?”.  Held in the beautiful and atmospheric Fitzrovia Chapel.

Alighieri is a collection of jewellery inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’; each piece corresponds to one of the poet’s 100 poems.



Video Series & Club latest


We hope that you have enjoyed our 7-part video series SELFE CHECK. Where Daphne discussed 7 different topics on beauty, fashion and a healthy lifestyle. Areas that we cover in our online community the Selfe Aware Club along with modelling too of course but more on that in a moment!

If you missed the videos you can catch up with them all in one place along with the special Club Invite (membership is only for a very short time more) by clicking the buttons below:



Next, this Autumn – MODELLING INSIGHTS 


We loved doing our SELFE CHECK video series so much that we have another planned for you. This one will have a focus on modelling.  If you’re interested in modelling (it’s never too late!) or just fascinated to know more about a modelling life from Daphne. Do put your email in the link below and we’ll send Daphne’s MODELLING INSIGHTS to you next week.

For those of you who want to realise a dream to be a model, brush up your modelling skills or gain some model confidence The Daphne Selfe Academy – Daphne’s 6-week online modelling course is coming soon – do make sure you watch MODEL CHAT and put your email is on the list so you get the information and know when!


Catch up with Daphne’s MODELLING INSIGHTS

7-part video series 




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