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The Grey Best Dressed List from a while back got us thinking about being ‘best dressed’.  What does that mean to you?  We think it means putting your outfit together with care everyday not just for best.  It’s lovely to wear Prada for a photoshoot but for most of us it’s not something that we’d wear day to day.  Best dressed is also not just for once or twice a year although having special events to dress up for and be extra glamorous is so nice to do in our book.  At this minute are you wearing your PJs or are you in a T Shirt and jeans?  It’s so good to have comfortable favourites that we feel familiar and happy in.  You’ll feel even better if you love them and have co-ordinated them stylishly – yes, just for yourself before anyone else!  Be best dressed each moment. You are the superstar in your life – you deserve it.



Best Dressed Is Better With Confidence


There’s been a lot of fun and progress from those of you who took part in our last Selfe Confidence Course. This 4-week online course to increase confidence and feel more beautiful really works!  We know as we take our own advice too and feel well set-up to welcome in the changes and adventures to come.


Here’s some of the feedback:

Posture section is my favorite. I love being reminded to be aware of how tall I am standing.

The first section was my favourite. I think it was because it was new and exciting!

I like eveything about this course was amazing I would recommend this course to anyone.
What a lovely four weeks I have had!  I so enjoyed getting your e-mails each week, including  the lovely photos.  I really looked forward to receiving them.  I found the course most helpful, it gave me me some really useful hints on clothes and make up etc.,  I also think my posture has improved a bit, I shall certainly try to work more on that one!   I also want to  continue to try and lose that extra half stone I’v put on over the past few years!!  I very much enjoyed your positive and joyful attitude on life. This is so important. I also found it all quite stimulating the future looks a little brighter! Thank you both so very much. 
If you’re interested in doing the next one you can find the details and where to put your email HERE


Best Dressed - Modelling course details

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Are you ready to some model confidence and skills?  Learn from Daphne for help in your life or to step closer to your modelling dreams.


The next Daphne Selfe Academy, a 6-week online modelling course is starting soon. Press the button below and enter your email on the link on the next page to make sure you get all the details.



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