Today is a special day – Daphne’s 89th Birthday with a birthday surprise.  Thinking about what we could do for Daphne to celebrate with her there was one thing that really stood out.  It was something we’d known about but never done before.  It combines various things that Daphne absolutely loves – London, Afternoon Tea in a beautiful setting and Cats!

89th Birthday Surprise

Over the years Daphne has had various animals as pets.  From two golden labradors, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, goldfish, Siberian Ground Squirrels, Ping & Pong, a pet rook called Johnny that had fallen out of a nest that would help with the gardening by taking all the pruned deadheads back out of the trug and even a pet fox whose mother had been killed who was released back into the wild when it was old enough to survive on her own (you can read more about Vicky in Daphne’s Book). But the favourites were always the cats. There was beautiful Cinders a longhaired tortoiseshell, Barty the ginger tom and Maud & Edith, a mother and daughter duo but nowadays with a busy modelling life with irregular hours and often travelling there is just the neighbours cats visiting to say hello.

My sister Rose and I have kept today as a Birthday Surprise and to have some special mother and daughter time together.  Keeping Mother to ourselves today!

Dinah's Cat Emporium & Daphne


At Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London’s cool Shoreditch we spent a few hours with 12 cats & 5 kittens.  With big thanks to Rowan, Mo and the staff plus gorgeous cats Mumma Moo, Petra & Wookie to name a few plus lots of naughty and delicious cakes and scones with lots of cups of tea – Purrfect!

The Model Minder,


London’s Premier Cat Cafe

Birthday Surprise
Cat on a hat - I love cats

What is your favourite pet or birthday surprise?  Do let Daphne know in the comments below she’d love to know: