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Birthday Time Again!  91st Birthday – Yes, really! 



It’s Birthday time again, how does it come around so quickly?  Daphne is celebrating her 91st today and yet it feels like yesterday we were celebrating her 90th with a big party – 90 Years Young.

Daphne’s 91st Birthday


Last week we were having tea with a friend and were saying that it must be a whole year since we were last together. Shockingly, to find on checking that it was actually three and not one – how does that happen? Time relentlessly marches forward and sometimes it feels hard to keep up. Babies are grown adults in the blink of an eye. And policemen are getting younger?  Is this just a British saying or does it cross the world and other cultures?

So, it’s another birthday for Daphne. Birthday time already and she is celebrating her 91st Birthday with a girlie coffee morning this time.  Daphne chose the location of the beautiful old town of Hitchin. Hitchin with its ancient architecture and history is a hippy chic bohemian kind of place. One that Daphne fits into perfectly and has always been comfortable in. 




Fashion Show in London


The day before was a glamorous afternoon with the Grand Order of the Lady Ratlings. GOLR is a charity with members from across the theatrical professions raising funds for people facing hardship whilst having enormous fun.  At the Amba Hotel, Charing Cross, London for afternoon tea and a fashion show. The models were all Lady Ratlings and Daphne as one of them happy to be one of them walking the floor.  Along with Daphne was a variety of singers, dancers and entertainers plus one other model, Sue. 

Daphne isn’t doing any catwalks anymore but here she is amongst friends with her sister Ratlings and delighted to be included doing what comes naturally.

91st Birthday



What identities do you have in your wardrobe?


What identities do you have in your wardrobe? This was a question asked by one of the members of the new Selfe Aware Club (an online community for women who love fashion, beauty & a healthy lifestyle).  And a new phrase was born!  We realised while writing this that we have covered two of Daphne’s!  Her bohemian hippy chic look which is all flowing, colourful and comfortable. Plus her glam model London look. What looks to do you have – can you identify them?

If you want to find out more about the new Selfe Aware Club: An online community for Women in midlife who love fashion, beauty and a healthy lifestyle. Supporting each other as we navigate the ageing process as the years’ race by. Please Click HERE

May you enjoy your years as they rush by with as much style, grace, energy and youthful spirit as Daphne – Happy 91st BIrthday Daphne



Modelling at the Lady Ratlings Afternoon Tea at the Amba Hotel Charing Cross, London.  Daphne along with other Lady Ratlings modelled clothes from Adele Kelly

Adele compared the show and described how to put different looks together. 

Daphne looking fabulous on the catwalk at 91!

91st Birthday - Birthday Time Again


Daphne with her daughters Claire & Rose at the Amba Hotel 

Daphne modelling at the GOLR Fashion Show at the Kensington Garden Hotel in 2014 for Lucinda’s Fashions

Summer Break


Daphne News is taking a summer break and we’ll be back on the 1st September raring to go. It’ll be good to have a pause and come back refreshed and renewed, full of ideas, knowledge and insights. Ones that we hope you can apply in your life to live it as fully as possible. As it goes by so quickly we must grab it and make the most of it as we can. 



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