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The Way We Wore is a heart-warming love affair with fashion. Taking readers from the organdie party frocks of a 1930s childhood to the pages of Vogue.

In it, Daphne shares a wealth of anecdotes from her childhood and into her modelling career. Which began as a department store house model. The result is a vivid and inspiring memoir from a woman who has always embraced life and who continues to do so. Now in her tenth decade with as much zest as in her first.

Chapter 5: Boned bodice and sequins

Read for free Chapter 5: Boned bodice and sequins…..

The first evening dress I made was terribly dashing. It had a puce slipper satin skirt and a black lace boned bodice covered in little gold sequins. You couldn’t buy strips of sequins in 1948, so I sewed each one on individually. It took ages, but the effect was wonderful, so shimmery and sparkly. It was like walking around with your own personal spotlight.

My mother taught me how to make a boned bodice and I can still do it, although there’s not much call for it these days. Strapless then was much more decent. Strapless now I wouldn’t touch, even if I was young, because I don’t think it’s………to continue reading click or tap here

Daphne would love you to enjoy reading this chapter and the full memoir The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes. As we are approaching the Festive Season do consider giving it as a gift or putting it on your own gift ideas or wish list. You will find further information on ordering at the end of free Chapter 5 or here

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If you’ve been following Jack’s progress in the incredible Route du Rhum you know that it has been epic. The 3500nm solo transatlantic yacht race from St Malo in France. Sailing on Concise 8 in Class 40 category Jack is currently in 8th place. An amazing achievement in itself with many of the world class fleet of sailing stars retiring from the race.

Thankfully he is past the initial 6 harsh days of huge storms in the Bay of Biscay and North Atlantic. Now in the Trade Winds he is in warmer and calmer seas heading for Guadeloupe. Do follow and support him on the live tracker.

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