Claire Steps Up


Claire Steps Up: After much thought, my eldest daughter Claire has decided to step out from behind the computer here at and go modelling!  Luckily for us, she will still find time for the keyboard to keep us updated on these new adventures. I think it will be fascinating and insightful to hear about her experiences as a 59-year-old venturing out in today’s modelling world.

Ever since the beginning of Daphne News Claire has put them together for me – this is the 97th WOW! For some of our future posts, she will take over the reins with subjects such as:


  • Am I making a fool of myself thinking I can be a model?

  • Can I actually apply all I’ve learnt from Daphne and be a success?

  • Will I find an Agent that wants me and how do I make the right choice?

  • As a sensitive person how will I deal with the constant rejection?

  • Do I have the right look for today?

  • How long will it take to get chosen for a modelling job and what will it be like?

  • What do I need to do to ensure I have enough energy and stamina for the rigours of a long day as a working model?

  • and more…..

The Graduates of the Daphne Selfe Academy, my online 6-week modelling course, range in age from 13 years old to 77 years old. Many are around Claire’s age of 59 enjoying their midlife and wanting to squeeze more out of it. They’re feeling youthful and want to live life to the full and be the best version of themselves that’s possible. If you want to see Claire put into action all she has learnt from setting up and running the Academy with me do watch out for future Daphne News!

As Claire steps up I do hope you will wish her all the best and follow her progress wherever it may lead. We need more models of all ages and diversity and there is more opportunity than ever before. Maybe YOU can join her, wouldn’t that be great! Read more about Claire HERE. I think she has every chance of success, don’t you? If you can leave her a message of support in the comments below I know she’d love it.

***EXCITING news on Model Agency signing for Claire with top Model Agency. Find out more HERE

Now I have to dash to get ready for my next shoot and further exciting news will have to wait until next time!

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