Today’s Strange New World 


Today it is even more important than ever for love, kindness and positivity. Qualities we have made core to all we have created at We feel it is crucial for each of us to find ways to calm and de-stress ourselves and improve our resilience for the days ahead.

Most of you will know Daphne’s daughter Claire has been key for the last 6 years bringing Daphne’s legacy online around the world. Earlier in the year, Daphne made the decision to step back from the computer. At 91 years old with eye strain amongst other issues being a hindrance she wanted to concentrate on modelling, friends and continuing to be as active as she can.


Claire's Club



In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Claire has made the decision to open a free online place for the community we have built along with any new like-minded friends to come and share love, kindness and positivity. A safe place to belong, hangout and feel connected. It will cover all the areas that Daphne is well-known for – fashion, beauty, health, exercise, nutrition and more.

Claire hopes you will join her in the Facebook Group Claire’s Club. This is the Selfe Aware Club requisitioned for this purpose.

Daphne in her new Easter reversible hat – black or leopard print. Snapped 2nd April 2020 in Lockdown Isolation in her garden

The hat is getting a photo outing here, online with you, as it’s the only way when you are self-isolating!  STAY HOME  – and post a hat photo in Claire’s Club!


FREE online FaceBook community

One-click entry

What Can I Do In Isolation?


Keeping ourselves calm, happy, confident and feeling beautiful is important for ourselves and those around us. All we can do to reduce stress and worry is good for our health and to strengthen our immune systems.


Join Claire’s Club now with a simple click and we can take each day together.  







Daphne is doing really well and is as fit as ever. Frustrated with the cancellations but taken on that she has to stay home and take good care of herself for her own health and that of her friends, family and community.


Hoping that this finds you fit and well and adjusting as well as you can to the sudden changes to life as we’ve known it and our uncertain futures.  




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