Daphne & Claire’s



Selfe Aware Club Invite



Club Invite



An online community to share, support and learn together for women who love

fashion, style, beauty, makeup and a healthy lifestyle

A place to come by computer, tablet or phone daily or weekly at any time of the day or night


This is your Selfe Aware Club Invite. Daphne & Claire’s Selfe Aware Club is a private online community for women who want more confidence, to feel more beautiful, improve themselves, be inspired, belong, have support and fun in the areas of lifestyle – fashion, style, makeup, exercise and healthy eating as well as modelling tips and more…..




Did you have lots of confidence when you were younger and have lost it along the way? Or have you never had high confidence levels in the first place? Are you feeling less beautiful as each day passes and don’t want to accept life has to be this way?

Are you feeling that no-one around you quite understands how important it is to express yourself fully in a beautiful way or want to appreciate, discuss and help you be the best you that you can be?  Or who to ask questions and advice from.

Daphne and Claire’s Selfe Aware Club is the place to experience and develop this side of yourself. It’s a safe positive place to share and learn with like-minded women from around the world. Women who love beauty and fashion along with making the best of themselves. Women who are drawn to being stylish and elegant in a natural no fuss way. Be a woman with masses of confidence, no matter what your age might be with no apologies.

Take care of yourself by growing a vibrant identity that continues to blossom more and more with each day.


Selfe Aware Club Invite

Guided by Claire with Daphne on hand


Guided by Claire with Daphne on hand. Daphne with her ninety plus years of knowledge and wisdom to draw on in modelling and life experience. Daphne has throughout her life been confident and assured. She knows her good physical attributes and how to draw attention away from her not so good ones (yes, really, she has them like us all!) She just knows, seemingly effortlessly, how to be stylish, appropriate for both her stage in life and her youthful outlook. And where does she get so much energy from?

Daughter, Claire, in her sixties, is of a more sensitive nature and has struggled with inner confidence (you might not have guessed). Now developing into her new career as a model in her own right they make a good combination together. Between them, they understand many of the challenges and problems and how to help. They are both open to ongoing learning and staying curious – something Daphne puts down to her youthful outlook.

Thank You


Firstly, a big thank you so much for the help in getting us to this stage. All the completed surveys, emails and messages of encouragement have really helped us see that this is needed and what you’re asking for. We’re now ready to open the doors fully on the Selfe Aware Club –  very exciting!

This means that we are ready for you after our initial founder members launch and we love to be able to invite you in. We’re asking you to take part in this new community. Together we will turn into something truly worthwhile for women around the world. Women such as you who love beauty, fashion and a healthy lifestyle. Let’s sparkle and flourish together…..

Selfe Aware Club Invite

Be A Selfe Aware Club Member


This is the opportunity to take up your invite


Be involved in shaping and growing this online club from the start


Help us fine tune how best to serve and look after you – we are grateful to our Founder Members who have got us to this point 


Join now for less than it will be in the future


(The membership will only be open for short periods a few times a year)

There are two options:


1) Monthly subscription which will always remain at this introductory price while your membership is in good standing


2) One-off payment with nothing further to pay EVER 



There will likely be changes as we learn and grow. We won’t get everything right but the important thing is to keep evolving.  We will begin with a private Facebook Group as many of us are familiar with Facebook already so it makes good sense. It’s working well with our existing founder members – come on in and meet them and join in the fun.





The things that can keep you up in the night – how to deal with the menopause, ageing, empty nest, stress, health issues, loss and grief.


As well as yet one more bad hair day and nothing looks good on me whatever I put on. What is my style anyway? I wouldn’t know where to start?  I’ve found ANOTHER wrinkle and grey hair plus my chin is sprouting hair at an alarming rate!


To feeling isolated and totally confused about which lifestyle etc choice to make and where and what to buy and how to find it.

I believe that I don’t have the kind of budget you need to be stylish and elegant. 

There’s no one I can really trust and turn to who will understand me?

What can the Selfe Aware Club do for me?


  • Feel better about yourself with increased self-esteem and confidence 
  • Improving knowledge and developing of skills, adding new ones and brushing up on old ones which make you feel more attractive
  • Plan of action to take and keep to (only if you want to with no pressure if you don’t)
  • Daphne and Claire plus a whole community behind you cheering you on
  • A caring place to bring lifestyle etc issues up and discuss
  • Reminders – gently and encouragingly, with love to bring out the best of you
  • Support and belonging to a group of like-minded women from around the world
  • Easy and quick – one place to go
  • Be able to ask Daphne a question and find out the secrets to her success 
  • Claire will share her own modelling journey. Where it’s increased her confidence and where not
  • A place to come for a pickup when you’re feeling down and exhausted
  • Find out how you don’t need a big budget to be stylish and elegant
  • Celebrate your successes with other women who care and truly want to help
  • Have friends on hand when you’re undecided which outfit to choose for a special occasion – send in a photo/video clip & ask
  • Individual feedback on clothes, makeup and what suits you best
  • Show off your new haircut, style makeover and figure 
  • Enjoy giving back to others when you choose to
  • Guide you in learning and/or application in small simple steps
  • See yourself getting near to/and achieving your lifestyle goals
  • All in a safe, secure and confidential place to express yourself
  • Be confident and feel beautiful and be your own best self
  • FUN     FUN     FUN    &    MORE    FUN …… with style, elegance and some glamour

How will the Selfe Aware Club run?


Regularly introducing a different topic to focus on and explore together

Monthly question session 

Online forum 24/7 in private Facebook group encouraging interaction when you’re ready

A place for inspiration when your feeling shy and just want to look in

Video sessions with Facebook with the recording available if you can’t make it to any live sessions

Claire available most days and Daphne joining in sometimes

Club rules to be kind, honest and open (those who are not will be asked to leave)

What goes on in the Selfe Aware Club stays in the Selfe Aware Club – a confidential and safe place

Claire has been wrangling and won


Claire has been wrangling with the commitment to get the online club idea going. Seeing that there isn’t anything existing like this that covers Daphne’s wonderful and highly successful outlook has made a difference. When considering Daphne’s style, elegance, confidence and down to earth approach has made this next step an easy choice for Claire. Something about Claire is that when she makes a commitment she makes a commitment!

Claire say’s “the most favourite part of building Daphne’s legacy with her these last years has been looking after the students from The Daphne Selfe Academy and The Selfe Confidence Course. Getting to know them has been a huge joy. Wonderful to feel the bonds of strong friendship across the world through my laptop“. Now, with the help of the founding members, Claire has started build you an online home, one that will grow as we build a thriving community together. How thrilling it is for her to think you can get to know each other and be an important part!


What helped


Knowing the effect that Daphne’s courses have made in our student’s lives we are confident that building a strong community will have a big positive impact. One where our relationships can flourish and skills and knowledge develop each and every day.

One of our fabulous students recently said in an email:

It’s a wonderful gift and sweet blessing to connect with other kindred-spirit women who enjoy being feminine along with dressing with style and class. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you both in helping women all over the world. You Go Girls!!  

Stand Tall and smile with grace and beauty, because the world needs it! BJ Mann, USA

<—–  Claire on a photoshoot

Let’s Build It Together – Are You In?

Founder Member available from 1st June – 5th June only

with limited places available 

CLOSED for Founder Members 

Put your name down on the list for when membership opens – click the link below


Believe in yourself and see what’s possible with more confidence and beauty in your life.


Payment is taken in £ British Pounds Stirling OR $ US Dollars by monthly recurring subscription using PayPal (with credit, debit card or bank account option)

Alternatively, there are 10 places available as a PAY ONCE option – with nothing further to pay ever. 

If it’s not fun and adding to your life you can cancel your subscription at any time!


<—–  £ (GBP)          $ (USD)  —–>


Nothing further to pay


If you aren’t successful in joining as the deadline has passed but are interested when we open the doors next time please put your email details HERE and we’ll be in touch. Do remember that the price will be higher!

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch at:- club@daphneselfe.com

Thank you so much for your interest and we do hope you are joining us now and that we will be welcoming you into the Selfe Aware Club.