Colour Colour Everywhere: How colourful are you? Do you express yourself in a vibrant way or find that you don’t feel comfortable with wearing strong bright colours and that it might draw too much attention to yourself and you’d rather go through life unnoticed?
It can be easy to succumb to grey, beige and black as everyday essentials and stay safe and hidden.  But is this the real you – not the one that thinks they will be brave enough when they’ve lost those few pounds or when they feel better about themselves after the next promotion or new relationship? I notice so much drabness when a bit of colour (or a lot) would lift all our spirits whatever we are facing in our lives. To wear more colour can be like a blossoming of oneself – like a new spring flower full of life and beauty.

Do you know Michael Portillo? He is a British broadcaster and journalist and was a previous member of parliament and a great railway enthusiast. I love his travel shows of adventure in his flamboyantly coloured outfits. On a recent episode, he was in India and his vibrant clothing and the wonderfully colourful surroundings lifted my spirits. The buildings were colourful, the market stalls and all the people wore a lot of colour and of course Michael too.

Michael Portillo | colour colour everywhere
It can be too easy to let a drab, damp climate get the better of us so we follow suit and mirror a cloudy sky rather than our inner joy and vibrancy – not for me, give me colour as I can’t help but wear it, it is a way to dress in my everyday life. Clothes that are comfy and suitable but have to be a colour that I love (and I love lots but not all together – one or two strong bright colours combined and I’m happy in myself whatever the environment.
We can all carry off more colour than we might think! Join me and let’s shake away any drabness inside and out – Colour Colour Everywhere!


What are your favourite colours to wear?


I love purple, orange, red and pink to name a few.
Anna Huix | Colour Colour Everywhere

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Do let me know your favourite colours to wear and any other thoughts or comments that you have on this subject below as I’d love to hear.

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