Hello, Daphne here!


A lack of confidence or more confidence is something I see and hear about all the time.  I feel that I know a lot about it after all my years of experience and the life I have been lucky to lead. I’m keen to pass on what I’ve learned – all my secret methods – actually, I don’t know that they are secret but I come across a lot of people who aren’t as confident as they’d like to be and I know I can help.

Daphne Selfe - Rock On - confidence course

My Confidence Course is  focussed on building self-esteem and feeling beautiful.  It will consist of things I know and have learnt over my long life in fashion. I cover various different areas and ways to improve your confidence including your posture, style, makeup, exercise, diet and more.

For further information you can go on the Confidence Course List here to make sure you don’t miss out.