We’re pleased to say that it’s time for a review – a Confidence Review:




Born confident & beautiful? Most of us are not or lose it along the way. Let us help top it up or get it back!

It’s never too late to improve your confidence and feelings of beauty at whatever age and stage in life you are

Once a year we open the Selfe Confidence Course: Be confident feel beautiful 

Now is the perfect time for a review, update and plan of action – so do join us, Daphne with daughter Claire to look after you and guide you



We’re happy to say it’s time for a review – a confidence review. We hope that you’ll be pleased to know that there is an opportunity to take the Selfe Confidence Course very soon. 

We love to run the Selfe Confidence Course at least once a year and sometimes we are able to fit in an extra one or two. It’s a great way to start a revamp and we’re feeling particularly excited that you are here to learn all about it.  

Confidence Review is the first of three parts that will cover all that you need to know. We shall send you the three emails over the next few days.  We look forward to you joining us for a great boost and improved outlook and sense of well-being. Improving confidence is key, we believe, to keeping a fresh and youthful outlook. Along with getting the best of out of life and to be your best self   #beyourownselfe



Are you happy with how you feel, look and are approaching this stage of your life?

How is your wardrobe, make-up, hair, confidence and self-esteem?

Do you want this next chapter in life to be the one where you are happy with your age, weight, appearance, mood and impact on others?

Is this the time for that new job, partner, hobby or adventure and you don’t want to hold yourself back any longer?

How much more energy and confidence would you have if you were really comfortable in your own skin expressing your own uniqueness and style?

Confidence Review



Daphne says “I understand that change is uncomfortable and it is much easier to stick to familiar old habits. Don’t be held back any longer and waste any more time. Taking on new ways of being can be very worthwhile and transformative. With years in front of the camera and on the catwalk along with a lifetime love of fashion and style, I can help with the where, how and what!  

Building confidence from action starting right now with one very simple but powerful step.  I want you wherever you are to sit or stand a bit taller. Stretch up your spine out of your hips and pull your shoulders back and breath. Doesn’t that feel good? Are you ready to create dreams and goals and face new challenges with more confidence already! Standing taller with better posture not only makes you feel more confident it will make you less invisible (no more invisibility thank you, although an invisibility cloak might be useful on the odd occasion – you’re too precious for that!) 

Test out this new posture when you walk across your place of work/study/home or down the street. Notice not only how it feels to you but how others respond to you.  It may feel strange at first and you may feel a little self conscious but keep going and you’ll soon get used to it and it will become normal – a new improved you already. Any type of clothing looks better too – I know, I’ve modelled a rubbish bag before! “

Can you keep this new posture up? How long before you lapse back to a familiar, less than ideal one – is the invisibility cloak back on?

This is a nice simple and straightforward step where there is always room for improvement – even for a model!


Confidence Review



It’s never too late or pointless to improve your confidence and feel more beautiful. It will effect every area of your life in such positive ways. A confidence review is a way of investing in yourself for today and tomorrow. 

Lastly, what is your biggest confidence challenge? Do let us know in the comments below as we’d love to hear

Portrait by Craig Campbell - Confidence Review
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Let us help – Look out for the next update – A Confidence Update, where we will have an example of what’s possible and more on Selfe Confidence Daphne’s way!

PS: How happy are you on film and doing Selfies?  Social media is all the rage – don’t get left behind instead join in the fun.

PPS: Don’t assume the best days of your life are behind you (with Daphne now in her 90s and daughter Claire in her 60s we think we can safely say we know).

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