Confidence Update

Hello, Claire here, Daphne’s daughter, I want to say a big thank you to those of you for the interest in Daphne’s coming Selfe Confidence Course – it really is quite overwhelming and Daphne is thrilled to bits. I do think Daphne is really on to something here for those of us who don’t want to be models but could do with a bit of model confidence – who better to go to than Daphne with her 80 plus years of style for a confidence update? Saying that, if you want to be a model this is a great place to start too!

Daphne outlined in her last message (Confidence Review) how she wants to help with challenges and changes as we go through life.  People are always asking Daphne how to approach age, weight, hair, style, exercise and numerous other topics. We are in a wonderful situation where we can benefit from Daphne’s wisdom and years of experience as well as her right up-to-date views from her current work schedule. You may be asking what kind of transformation can I expect?  What better than to talk to one of Daphne’s students so I’m here at the Shetland Pony Club with Rosemary.

Here in Cupcake’s dream stable, Rosemary tell me how did you meet Daphne?

Confidence Update

Well, I met Daphne as she actually came to Shetland Pony Club my pony club.  She walked into the Ranch and she looked amazing.  I knew who she was immediately as she is very recognisable and I also knew that she loved ponies and we had a lovely day.  I was amazed at realising that she was in her late eighties and how stylish she was.

Were you struggling with any aspects of how you were feeling about yourself at the time?

Well, yes I was, I’m in my fifties and working at the pony club I had rather stopped wearing makeup, which was a choice – I chose not to do that and then along came YouTube and we started doing a very successful weekly show where I actually had to talk to the cameras. When I started doing that I wasn’t very happy with how I looked. 

So you weren’t feeling particularly confident or feeling beautiful about yourself?

I was quite nervous, I’d been on one of those media courses about how to talk to the media which unfortunately rather wrecked my confidence.  They told you to be more confident but not how to do it.

Sounds like they gave you the problem but not the solutions that you were after?

Yes, I came out of it feeling that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to host a YouTube show.


What in particularly do you think you got the most out of the course (Daphne’s Selfe Confidence Course)?

Well, I really enjoyed the course and Daphne helps you look at the good points that you do have.  We all have points that we like and points that we don’t and I was interested to hear that actually, Daphne has somethings that she doesn’t like about her body.  I had crooked teeth as a result of an accident and I thought I’d like to get them fixed (as a result of doing the course) and in fact, when I went to the dentist he fixed them really quickly and without any great expense which boosted my confidence.  Then I thought I could try wearing a bit more makeup and I looked at the more modern colours that are out there – I enjoyed doing that.

Well certainly looking at your YouTube channel and looking at you now you look very confident and beautiful so would you say that some of that has come from being a student of Daphne?

Yes, definitely,  I went through my wardrobe and picked out the clothes that I really like and English country clothes are really nice with the tweeds and things and although I don’t have very many of them the ones I’ve got are nice quality and I thought, do you know what, just wear them a bit more.

So you do feel good when you get up in the morning and you might have very little time to spend would you say that you feel good about what you choose to put on and how you go out into the world?

Yes, I do and as it is a weekly YouTube show we are under pressure to come up with a film every week so you have to be ready to go when the cameras roll.  But I think it is not just the fact that this is part of my work everybody nowadays is photographed a lot more than we used to be – Instagram, Facebook, so I think that paying attention to how you look is something that affects everybody and of course we all get older and Daphne has been stylish all her life so she is very inspiring.

How did you find the course being online?

You know, that was good for me.  I’m really busy and it meant that I could do it in my own time and in the privacy of my own home.  I didn’t have to rush anywhere to get to a meeting or class.  I could just do it online and I loved that – it was really good.

My last question is:-  I’m told that some of the ponies, I’m not sure if Cupcake is one, have hair extensions. Is this true?

Yes, it is true, it’s not just people and models that have hair extensions.  If they are doing fashion shoots and the ponies do do fashion photo shoots sometimes they need more hair – but you don’t Cupcake do you, you don’t need more hair!  

Well, thank you very much Cupcake for letting us film in your stable and please look out for the next update from Daphne.

N.B. PLEASE NOTE: Rosemary’s transformation is all her own work. Her hair, make-up and clothing is all her own choice and efforts. A style that fits her unique lifestyle and personality. Daphne and Claire haven’t had one on one time with her. Believe that positive change like Rosemary’s is possible for you and not unobtainable! It can be common for us to think something we want is out of reach and to justify why it can’t happen in our mind. 

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Coming next will be Daphne’s Confidence Plan. It will be covering all the course details, including the course dates, topics and subjects covered and the cost and payment details – keep a lookout for it!

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