DAPHNE & APOLLO – What’s in a name?

Do you know the story of Daphne & Apollo?

Daphne & Apollo is a story from ancient Greek mythology.   The god of light and poetry, Apollo, mocked the god of love Eros (Cupid), for playing with bows and arrows because they were meant for wars instead of love. In anger Eros shot an arrow made of lead at a tree nymph named Daphne to make her hate Apollo and a golden arrow at Apollo so that he loves and wants to marry Daphne.  Apollo began to chase Daphne all over the world but they were evenly matched in speed until Apollo asked Eros to help him catch her.  Seeing that Apollo was going to catch up Daphne asked her father the river god Peneus to help her.  So he turned her into a tree to protect her.  Daphne began running slower and slower as her feet joined with the earth and when Apollo finally caught up to her she was a complete tree. Heartbroken Apollo hugged the tree with his arms and kissed the wood although it shrank away from his touch.  He promised to love her forever and always to tend the tree and used his powers of eternal youth to make Daphne evergreen.  Every laurel tree since then has leaves that never grow old and do not decay.

To remember her for ever Apollo made himself a wreath out of her laurel branches turning it into a symbol for poets and musicians.

Daphne & Apollo

Original story written  by Roman poet Ovid

I’m still running around the world and not running too slowly yet – I like that I’m running as fast as Apollo and evenly matched. My leaves are changing but inside my teenager is still full of energy!

What’s in your name and can you see anything that describes aspects of yourself and who you are as I can see in mine?  Do tell me in the comments below and please do share with your family and friends.

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