Become a fashion model

Daphne hopes you will enjoy this beautifully made compilation video by Bochen Zhang which has recently come to Daphne’s attention. Enjoy whether you want to become a fashion model or not:-

It is never too late to be a model or be more confident in yourself using the skills and habits that Daphne has used and developed her whole life.  She is still loving life and full of energy – discover her secrets and knowledge that are keeping her top of the modelling game – having fun and full of curiosity and zest for life.


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Daphne Selfe – Model

Here’s a link to a behind the scenes video by Alistair Guy on his Strong Women Exhibition at Smythson.  Inspired by Daphne, Alistair went on to produce his series of black and white photographs showcasing exceptional women that Alistair has come to know through his work in the worlds of fashion, film and music. This exclusive exhibition launched at Smythson, London New Bond Street flagship store and will move to their newly opened Madison Avenue boutique in New York.

“Women mentally are terribly strong but they are also fragile. I believe there is an incredible beauty in this dichotomy. The Strong Women project is a celebration of femininity as well as a celebration of each person and their character, their personality.”

“Strong women came about because of her [Daphne] being who she is; the fact she has worked for 60 years within the model industry and also does yoga every day alongside having a family. She is a wonderful woman and quite inspirational.”

become a fashion model

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Daphne Selfe - become a fashion model