The winner was Lizzie and here’s what Lizzie had to say:

How did I get to be Daphne’s Competition Winner? I had the pleasure of reading Daphne’s book The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes) and this is how I first heard about this remarkable lady. I was totally impressed by her style, age, approach to life and in many ways she reminded me of my mother. But how was I ever to meet her? When I received her blog Daphne News about a competition I knew I had to enter! I’m certainly no model but I felt Daphne would get my slightly boho style! I hadn’t understood that it was a competition for anyone to enter but I entered anyway thinking I’m not a model.  My photos were steadily taken and in order to meet the deadline sent off with little thought! But somehow I knew I was going to win! It’s just that I felt this really close connection to Daphne! I actually screamed when I did win and laughed uncontrollably! 


My prize was The Selfe Confidence Course and Daphne Selfe Academy Modelling Course.

Both of Daphne’s courses are based online with plenty of interaction. It means they are easy to fit life around wherever you are. Learn a lot and get to know much more about Daphne.

Lizzie’s winning outfit in Daphne’s Dress2Party competition. Where you had the chance to send in a photo in an outfit along with why you chose it.

Lizzie said about her choice “I chose this outfit because it made me feel colourful and happy. It was perfect for a relaxing evening party and a winner for it’s oneoffish-ness!”

As a non model I was excited

As a non model I was excited by both courses! From the Selfe Confidence Course I learnt the importance of standing tall, and being aware of how one moves. It opened my eyes to every aspect of not only fashion but how to take care of our beautiful bodies as they deserve care. Daphne touched on all aspects of fashion with some wonderful tips that she has learnt. I felt totally energised and back in touch with how to get the best out of myself and her lessons are given in a wonderfully non egocentric manner! It was wonderful 

And then came my next prize

And then came my next prize: The Daphne Selfe Academy Modelling Course. It followed on perfectly from the Selfe Confidence Course. This is more geared towards those of you who want to model professionally – it is a must if this is the case. But I’d also say that it’s beneficial for anyone keen to be the best they can be. Daphne will guide you through every aspect of it and steer you around the pitfalls. She is inspirational again! 

After becoming Daphne’s competition winner

I really wanted to meet her

So I took the plunge and invited Daphne and her daughter Claire to stay in my B & B and they accepted! I’d noticed that at the end of the Academy Graduates are invited to meet with Daphne, often in London. How excited was I! Claire organised it all and she just knew we would all get on like old friends (having got to know me during the courses). And that Daphne would enjoy the trip up to me. So the oldest model in the world arrived at my Clocktower in Northants and we had such a fun twenty four hours! I decided to take them to Leamington spa to do the charity shops – knowing that Daphne loves vintage and fashion.

It was just a great afternoon and Daphne found the most incredible black and white sporty fur coat. Which of course looked a million dollars on her (everything did). We took lots of photos and ended up at a friends house for tea with Daphne reclining on the most stylish red chaise longue. Whilst myself and Susan (who provided the best tea) snapped away! What a star Daphne was and I really believe she and Claire enjoyed every moment! We must do it again!! 

Why did Daphne choose Lizzie as her winner? 

On selecting Daphne’s competition winner, Daphne immediately loved Lizzie’s style and choice. Her boho style combined elegance with a twist of spirit and personality. Lizzie also gave the reasons why she chose her outfit “It made me feel colourful and happy. It was perfect for a relaxed evening party and a winner for it’s one-offish-ness!” Reasons that Daphne loved too!

What did Daphne and Claire say about meeting Lizzie

Lizzie was a delightful engaging student who we got to know over the weeks of both courses. We were pleased to accept her unexpected invitation and thought how generous and let’s do it! So we just knew it would be fun and that it would be like seeing old friends. Along with her husband David, they immediately made us feel so welcome and at home in their beautiful Clock Tower. Our few hours exploring the beautiful Regency town of Leaming Spa was a fun girls affair with Lizzie’s friend Susan joining us. It was like we’d been friends for ever and with our bags of shopping we enjoyed a cup of tea at Susan’s elegant town home before back to the Clock Tower for dinner. It was a wonderful relaxing break and a special moment which we were so glad we did.


The next competition is coming up soon – look out for it in the next Daphne News

It could be you – a winner like Lizzie

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