Does Daphne’s opinion matter?  As a model for over 70 years, Daphne is well aware that she is seen through different eyes and different lenses. With it all depending on who is looking and what they are trying to achieve.  Therefore on a modelling job, Daphne is only a part of a bigger picture and someone else’s agenda is in control. Similarly as an artist’s model Daphne is seen through the eyes of the particular artist in question. Whether Daphne likes the end result or not is completely irrelevant to Daphne. What she can recognise is whether it’s good work skillfuly done. Above all that’s what’s important to Daphne!

You might find this surprising that her own opinion and lack of vanity is not a driving force. Isn’t a model all about vanity and ego?  To be a successful model for as long as Daphne has been the simple answer is NO – there is no room for vanity or ego. In today’s world images and mirrors are everywhere reflecting back to us multiple times a day different aspects of ourselves.  The underlying message can be that we must be perfect (whatever that is) and must strive for an impossible ideal.

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be a perfect version of ourselves that we are happy with at all times. Daphne’s example is a wonderful acceptance of not taking it seriously.  It is only one tiny aspect caught in a moment of millions and trillions of moments. Some we may like and others we may not!


Portrait of Daphne Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year | Season 4 | Episode 2 

“I enjoyed sitting for Leanne Mullen who was selected for the semi-final – well done Leanne” 



Does Daphne’s Opinion Matter or Not?


Daphne’s opinion doesn’t matter. She is not critical of herself as portrayed by others. In other words if something is not in her control she lets it go.  She doesn’t take it any of it personally. As long as she knows she did her best, was professional and carried out what was asked of her whilst being treated with respect she is more than satisfied. To sum it up if she had a great experience and a happy time she is content.

After that can you say the same?  Many of us struggle with wanting to only be seen a certain way.  For instance we can be horrified at a photo that caught us not looking our best (well that’s OK to feel for a moment, then let it go).  It might be that one photo someone else posted on social media!  Or was it that latest passport photo that seems to be an unrecognisable person?

Let’s be kinder to ourselves. If Daphne’s opinion doesn’t matter, then neither does yours!  




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