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Every day next week we’ve got Daphne’s SELFE CHECK  

To check that you’re on point in beauty fashion and lifestyle.

We’re just going to have a little 1-2 minute clip every day. 

Daphne says “I do hope that you’ll join me in my SELFE CHECK” 

From Monday to Sunday a video will be released at 5 pm London time each day (12 pm noon New York time)


Daphne has such a wealth of knowledge, experience and ‘FIZZ FOR LIFE’ and it is always our pleasure to be able to bring her insights to you to enjoy and if they inspire you we are very happy! 

Daphnes Selfe Check
Daphnes Selfe Check

We’re very excited to be bringing you this to you. It’s the first time that we have done anything like this and we do hope that you will join in this mini-adventure with us. Please do spread the word and share with any friends or family that you think will enjoy it too. Plus we always welcome your feedback. You can comment below or email us at: news@daphneselfe.com



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Daphne’s SELFE CHECK is part of the Selfe Aware Club. An online community of women in midlife around the world who love beauty, fashion and a healthy lifestyle



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