Claire Selfe is Day 9 of Grey Model Agency’s Advent Calender

See the video here:

Grey Advent Calendar Day 9 Claire Selfe

Claire is thrilled to be Day 9 for Grey Model Agency Advent Calendar. This is my daughter Claire’s first video with her new modelling agent. Grey Model Agency specialises in people of all types aged fifty plus. Claire modelled for a few years in her early twenties before moving on to other things.  

It’s great to have her back in the modelling industry! Especially since she has helped me put my two courses together: The Daphne Selfe Academy and the Selfe Confidence Course.

You can find out more about Claire in the Daphne News: Alone or Team

Hope you enjoy the Day 9 Advent video 

Day 9 Advent Calendar Video Transcript 

No 9 – It’s a funny number, isn’t it? I’ve got an oval dining table and I can just squeeze 9 in, where everyone has a plate, knife and fork

Tree decorations or crackers? – tree decorations, crackers are always a disappointment!

Youth or Middle Age? – Youthful older life – we need to come up with a new term.

Skydiving or mentoring? – both, you could do mentoring skydiving. I have done a little bit of that.

Family or friends? True friends are like family.

Classic or cult? – Classic

Royal family or royal flush? Royal family.

Eyeshadow or lipstick? Lipstick definitely.

Give or receive? Give, there’s something extra special about what it does to the giver. 

Selfie or selfless? Selfless

Ridley Scott or Tim Burton? Ridley Scott, Just something about the enormity of his vision and how he gets that on the screen.

Middle age or old age? Both are part of a journey. Being the daughter of Daphne Selfe who at 90 is still rocking it in the fashion world and still inside is such a teenager. It’s like there is lots to look forward to.