Do you get enough beauty sleep?

I know that getting enough sleep can be a problem for many of us.  I’m constantly asked why I’m so fit and active and I think a good part of it is down to that fact that I’m a good sleeper and always have been.  Is this just luck?  I don’t know about that and maybe it is but I do know the following:

If I have a day where I sit about too much and am not as active as I like to be I don’t sleep as well.  It is so easy to be tired emotionally and mentally but not physically and the body just doesn’t like it – it’s made to move.

How much sleep is enough?  I usually sleep for 8 hours and I like to be up early.  It used to be said that it was the hours that you slept before midnight that counted but that may be an out-of-date thing to say now but I still like to have my bedtime routine and be ready to settle down at 10.30/11pm (unless I’m out in London and back later). When the family was growing up I always liked to be first up – it was my time of the day to have to myself.  The quiet before the breakfast/school routine.  I still enjoy the quiet of the morning – seeing the birds on the feed feeder and the garden in the early light.

Food and drink can affect the quality of sleep.  I keep away from the well-known things like coffee, cheese, chocolate and wine or even a big meal late in the evening and I’m sure this all helps.

I’m a great believer in not worrying about the things that you can’t change and changing the things that you can – then there is no need to worry – I know that can be easier said than done but it is a great thing to aim for as worrying doesn’t get us anywhere and often upsets us and stops us from getting enough sleep.

  • To change an inactive day I run up and down the stairs a few times or have a dance break.  Put on your favourite music and dance for a few minutes as they say “as if no one is watching”.  If you are sitting at a computer for a long time set an alarm every hour or so and take a 5-10 minute break to stretch and move.
  • Make sure you can have 8 hours of sleep after following a consistent routine as much as possible. Whatever suits you best – it could be a relaxing bath, a hot drink, read a book and/or making sure you are organised for the following day so your mind doesn’t worry or focus on plans you could have made beforehand.
  • Keep a notepad and pen by the bed so you can write down any thoughts that come to mind so you can let them go until the morning.
  • If I find myself awake I say to myself that I’m resting my body even if my mind is awake and I turn my thoughts to a pleasant day dream as much as I can and usually drop off to sleep in no time.

I do know that getting enough sleep and sleeping well can be a complex subject and there may be medical and other reasons why sleep eludes.  If you struggle in this area I wish you all the best with finding out what works for you so you can face each day in the best possible way.

Do let me know in the comments below what works for you and any other thoughts you have.

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