Model Essentials  

What is it every model needs?

Is it model essentials such as:-

  • To be Tall – over 5’10” or 1.73M
  • Must be a Size 0
  • Have no imperfections
  • Willing to embrace the ‘casting couch’

Firstly, I was never that tall and I’m getting shorter by the year and I am still busy modelling.  I used to be 5’7.5″ or 1.71M and now I’m 5’6″ or 1.67M as a result of naturally occurring shrinkage now I’m in my mid eighties.

I have never been a size 0.   I have very broad shoulders and when I was modelling in my twenties I was quite big from all my horse riding.

I’m not perfect.  I have large manly hands and a knobbly collar bone from a break after falling off my horse that mended badly making me lopsided to name just two.

Now I’m older the ‘casting couch’ is not an issue but when I was younger I know I lost jobs because I wasn’t prepared to go down this route.

Daphne Selfe - Model Essentials

Daphne Selfe – Model

In my view what every model needs is the right attitude.

A mixture of professionalism, discipline, patience, flexibility and cheerfulness.

Nowadays models can be any height, shape and as imperfect as we humans are! In any field of life there will be people who have another agenda and a swift cool “no” can keep things on track or if you have to walk away there will always be other modelling jobs with people that have good ethics and integrity. You don’t ever have to compromise your values.

Modelling is very hard work, you have to be disciplined and arrive on time, be polite and friendly, wait around calmly for what can be many hours until it is your turn.  Sometimes a job is cancelled or postponed at the very last minute and all there is to do is positively look to the future and know that something new is awaiting round the corner.

Daphne Selfe D&G

Daphne Selfe D&G

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