The Fashion Police say NO

I was perplexed at the criticism the UK fashion police gave leading actress Dame Helen Mirren for wearing a backpack at the age of 73. The comment being this was too old.  Backpacks long associated with school children and mountain climbers come in all guises these days. Aren’t they the most fabulous thing for carrying our stuff about for all ages and activities? I’d say even more so as we get older! It means our weight is kept central – not lopsided with heavy items hanging off one shoulder. With both hands free to steady ourselves if need be. Our posture is more aligned and our balance maintained better. Balance is something I’m finding harder these days and really a backpack is a godsend. 

What is not so good?

What is not so good about a backpack is getting things out of it quickly. You have to swing it off your back to access the contents.  An outer pocket can be useful if you have long arms and are dexterous enough. I find I keep my travel ticket and phone (if I need it) in my coat pocket. Another thing is if you are jumping on and off transport you have to perch on the edge of the seat and sit upright (again not a bad thing for posture) or go through the rigmarole of taking it off. Sometimes swinging it back on can be a nuisance over a thick coat. Getting it into position just right and not ruching up your sleeves. In crowds just be careful no one with ill intent is close enough behind you to take anything out without your knowledg but that is the same for all bags.  But I’d say even with these annoyances my backpacks are my best friends and the positives outweigh all these concerns.

So Much Choice 

Backpacks come in so many styles, colours, fabrics and sizes. From top luxury designers with top price tags to more affordable ones. You will find that there will be one that suits your fashion look and pocket.  I’d recommend adding one or more to your bag collection. Just for those times when you need to carry more than a lipstick, purse, phone & key. It is surprising how much you can actually carry when it is centrally on your back!

I can’t agree that wearing a backpack is inappropriate at my stage of life so I shall ignore the fashion police and keep wearing mine – how about you? Do you have a favourite or do you have an objection? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Fashion Police: a term for people who consider themselves experts in dressing well who comment on the clothing of others and determine if each look was good or bad.

News Of A Rather Different Photoshoot!

Bravo to Creme Brûlée winner of Face of Amazon Pets 2018. Shetland Pony Club owner Rosemary is a member of my Model Family and you may remember seeing Rosemary with Cupcake talking about how the Selfe Confidence Course helped her with her Shetland Pony Club TV a Youtube Channel.  Well done Creme Brûlée and enjoy your time in the spotlight. 

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